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Home and Away spoilers: Tane locked up, shock split and Stevie goes missing

Home and Away’s Tane faces the serious consequences after missing his bail check-in and Remi’s having second thoughts about Stevie, causing the actress to go MIA

Home and Away fans can expert more drama from their favourite Aussie soap next week.

Felicity takes a walk with Marshall, but her mind is still on Tane – understandable, he tells her. He’s her ex, and she cares.

As Felicity insists that they keep their one-night stand as such, Harper approaches with good news – Sonia, baby Poppy’s mother, has agreed to testify in court on Tane’s behalf.

Rose, meanwhile, is not feeling hopeful as she quizzes Tane over missing his bail check-in. When he comes up with nothing, she’s firm – if he can’t tell her, he can explain to the magistrate.

When she calls Marshall, his lawyer, Tane rails – shouldn’t he have been concentrating on his case rather than sleeping with his ex-wife? Marshall tries to reason, but a jealous Tane fires him, and Rose has to put him in a cell to keep the two apart.

Back on Tane’s books, Marshall pleads his client’s case to Rose, but she’s at her wit’s end with Tane’s attitude – she can’t help him if he keeps messing up. Marshall assures her it’s the last time, and his persistence pays dividends when she releases Tane, though not without a firm reminder of his bail conditions.

When Tane sees Felicity though, he’s less forgiving – when is she going to stop meddling in his life? When Marshall brings up the issue with his client, Tane’s clear – all I want is for you to keep me out of prison. And keep Felicity out of this.

Stevie’s film continues to dominate Summer Bay, and Alf’s still not thrilled about it, he tells Roo. Mali’s not best pleased either when she tells him his classes will have to be cancelled that morning, to accommodate the Sunrise film crew.

Realising Mali’s overworked, and that Kirby’s at a loose end, Roo plays recruiter and marches Kirby into the board shop. Then, a new partnership is formed – Welcome, Kirby to Mantaray Boards!

Mackenzie worries about working alongside Felicity now that her affair with Levi has been outed, but Levi bolsters her – they need to find a way to be professional. She confronts things head on, but Felicity remains icy.

This could be a long road for Mackenzie. When she does catch up with Levi later, he tells her his friends are picking sides in his divorce – Imogen’s, not his, and Mac bemoans their isolation.

After both of them again clash with Felicity, things look dire for their lives in the Bay, and Mackenzie’s floored when Levi offers her an out – is all this worth it? Because he’d understand if she wanted to walk away…

Mackenzie can’t help but be hurt after Levi’s offer of a “circuit breaker” for them as a couple – is this really what he wants? When they talk, Levi says he’s not having second thoughts, but this isn’t the future either of them imagined.

Mackenzie’s shattered – so he does want out? But Levi insists that’s not the case. It’s John Palmer who bolsters Mac when she snaps at him later, fearing his judgement.

After everything she’s been through, he tells her, she deserves to be happy. John gets a free coffee for his efforts, and Mackenzie returns to Levi with her feelings clear – all that matters is that they love each other, and that’s all she cares about.

John’s excitement at his upcoming “live television debut” is at fever pitch as he excitedly spruiks his cameo to Xander. He and Dana will have to come down for the live cross, John insists.

When Stevie and the Sunrise crew converge the next morning however, John is nowhere to be seen, and Alf finds him in the grips of a terrifying bout of stage fright. Alf steps in to save the day, and the interview is a success, but Remi and Bree’s respective new partners notice they’re absent when they reconvene after the shoot.

Nelson Giles and his film are making an impact on Summer Bay. Alf grumbles that he’s surprised John’s not part of the film crew when he takes the director location scouting in the CAN-AM, and a flirty Bree jokes that Nelson must have lost her number.

With both of them off the clock, she takes him to the Diner, where Nelson makes John’s day by offering him a drive-in spot on camera the next day. Then, away from the prying eyes of her neighbours, he takes her to his motorcycle.

It’s a big deal for Bree after her breakup with Remi, but she accepts, and soon Nelson has whisked her away to the palatial mansion and the pair kiss. Nelson and Bree are lying in bed together, both satisfied with how their days have turned out, when Stevie returns home with a familiar voice in tow – Remi’s!

Bree is mortified by her close proximity to her ex and his new hook-up, but Nelson encourages her to chill – Remi’s moved on, and so has she.

Remi’s not happy to see her leave on the back of Nelson’s bike either, given his own motorcycle was the catalyst for their breakup. Bree clarifies when he confronts her though – they didn’t break up because of the bike, but rather the many lies he told her.

Remi unpacks the tension with his ex at home with Eden, where she’s quick to point out the obvious – he did lie to Bree. But Remi maintains their breakup was about the bike. Eden levels with him – he’s moving on with Stevie, so what does he care? And Remi admits he can’t even deal with the “full on” actress at the moment.

When she summons him urgently simply to run more lines with her that afternoon, he snaps – he’s not her boyfriend, he tells her. Is Remi still harbouring feelings for Bree?

Remi and Stevie’s argument escalates – he can’t deal with being “on call” for her anymore, and he’s out. Matching his anger, she agrees, and when Cash points out that his delivery was a bit harsh, Remi admits he clashed with Bree earlier.

He’s not in the right headspace to care for someone else right now. Eden advises him to focus on himself, and when Stevie asks for a second chance later, he calls it a day for good.

At dinner, Stevie is ready to party until Eden asks her for some time alone with her boyfriend. Stevie’s confused – she’s doing a whole movie in the Bay because Cash wouldn’t leave Eden’s side. Realising she didn’t know about that, Stevie elaborates – Cash is so in love with her. She’s lucky.

The next day, Cash worries when Stevie is MIA, and when he finds her, she’s having a complete crisis of confidence – she’s not doing the movie anymore, she insists.


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