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Home and Away’s Dean and Ziggy to face a new relationship challenge

For UK viewers, there are spoilers for Home and Away.

On UK screens next week, Dean Thompson confides in doctor Logan Bennett as he tries to get his relationship with Ziggy Astoni back on track.

Since his involvement in a major vehicle accident last year, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been dealing with a difficult recuperation process.

On Channel 5, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) confides in Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) about how she misses being intimate with Dean in the next episodes.

Dean appears to be delicate, so the couple hasn’t slept together since the crash, but Ziggy is determined to be patient with her partner.

Soon after, Ziggy joins Dean in the gym to assist him with his continued rehabilitation.

This simply heightens the sexual tension between them, and they can’t keep their gaze away from each other.

Dean later seeks medical guidance by inquiring of Logan (Harley Bonner) about his ability to have sex with Ziggy.

Logan sets a marker for Dean’s progress, predicting that he’ll be ready around the time he can climb a flight of stairs.

Dean’s drive to progress is fueled by this, and Ziggy is taken aback when he finds him in agonising pain as he tries to take the first steps up the stairs to Salt.

Dean makes it five steps before Ziggy persuades him to stop before he injures himself further.

Ziggy is perplexed by Dean’s genuine motivations for wanting to conquer the stairwell, so he gently expresses how much he misses being personal with her.

Both agree on how badly they want it, so they decide to focus on it as soon as Dean’s next surgery is through. Will they obtain their wish?



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