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Home and Away kicks off surprising Marilyn story in 40 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, January 17.

Monday, January 17:

Theo is in a good mood. He sees the possibility to make money from them on a daily basis after the success of his internet prank video with Ryder.

Justin and Leah are among Theo’s friends. Following numerous cautions about his pranks, he is attempting to be better behaved around the two.

Leah and Justin believe Theo is nearing a breakthrough. Is his rough start in Summer Bay finally coming to an end?

Theo’s preparations for the day take an unexpected twist. He offered to assist Justin in the garage, but Ryder texts him and asks to see him. Ryder wants to keep making prank videos, but reluctantly.

Alf comes closer. He speaks out in the middle of a conversation.

Justin comes to a conclusion. He absolves Theo of any responsibility for his assistance.

Theo is taken aback. He now has the rest of the afternoon to spend with Ryder.

Alf has a conversation with Leah and Justin. He observes how Theo’s attitude appears to have shifted recently.

Tuesday, January 18:

Jasmine is Cash’s confidante. At work, he crossed a line by destroying a receipt that implicates Felicity in the chemical attack.

Cash is concerned. He has lied about the receipt to his superiors.

Cash is reassured by Jasmine. Cash, on the other hand, is concerned that if the truth is revealed, his career will be jeopardised.

Felicity has discovered a significant discovery. She has realised that her friend Anne is the one who is accusing her of being the perpetrator of the chemical attack.

Felicity informs Cash of the situation. The true perpetrator of the attack was Anne.

Felicity makes an attempt to explain everything. Cash, on the other hand, is sceptical.

Cash is hesitant to trust Felicity. He acknowledges he’s not persuaded she wasn’t the perpetrator.

Wednesday, January 19:

Mackenzie is having a great time at the beach. On the sand, Logan is waiting for her.

Logan and Mackenzie are having a good time together. Their relationship is going well.

Logan has some awful news for you. He foregoes his date with Mackenzie in order to be present for Marilyn if her illness worsens.

Logan’s decision is understandable to Mackenzie. Marilyn appears to be a source of concern for Logan.

Logan and Mackenzie make plans to meet up later. But where does Marilyn go from here?

Thursday, January 20:

Alf pays a visit to Marilyn. He pays her one last visit before heading to the city to see Martha.

Alf has dual loyalties. He is concerned about both Marilyn and Martha, but he is unable to be with both at the same time.

Marilyn is causing Logan concern. When he went to see Marilyn in the hospital, he saw her treat John badly.

Logan interrogates Alf about Marilyn’s acquaintance with John. Marilyn’s animosity perplexes Alf, considering she had previously been getting along well with John.

Logan conducts more testing. Marilyn is being watched closely.

Logan is pouring his heart and soul into Marilyn’s case. He’s determined to assist her.

Irene makes an attempt to defend John. She emphasises how much John loves Marilyn and that’s why he’s coming to see her. Marilyn’s feelings for her ex-husband are still icy.

There’s a new level of concern about Marilyn. She vanishes from the hospital without a trace.

Irene and John are both perplexed. Marilyn looks to have reached the end of her patience with Logan’s tests.

Logan, John, and Irene talk about what’s going on. This is only the beginning of Marilyn’s out-of-character behaviour, which will lead to a major storey in the coming weeks.

Justin comes into contact with Ziggy and Dean. Dean is reassured by Justin’s assurance that he will be back surfing shortly.

Marilyn is relieved to be out of the hospital. She doesn’t appear to be remorseful about her decision.

Marilyn has a brilliant idea. She asks Ziggy and Dean to breakfast, which perplexes them because they don’t generally socialise together.

Marilyn exits the area. Marilyn’s shift in attitude perplexes Dean and Ziggy, but she’s only getting started, as she subsequently drinks during the day and eats meat despite being a committed vegetarian. What exactly is going on?

Friday, January 21:

Dean confides in Ziggy. He expresses how much he misses being close to her.

Dean talks about the situation. Dean isn’t totally recovered enough to have sex yet, according to Logan.

Logan has set a bar for Dean to strive for. Dean will be able to have sex with Ziggy again once he can go up the stairs to Salt without assistance.

Dean receives Ziggy’s backing. They’re both in agreement about how much they want it.

Dean and Ziggy continue their discussion. They want Dean’s procedure to be finished with as soon as possible.

Dean and Ziggy make a promise. They pledge to focus on their romance after the surgery is completed.


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