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‘I don’t believe in diets’: Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman reveals how she stays in shape all year round

Since 2017, Sophie Dillman has played Ziggy Astoni in the long-running serial opera Home and Away.

And on Thursday, the 28-year-old actress explained how she keeps her body in shape all year to be bikini-ready.

Sophie remarked in an interview with WHO Magazine, ‘I don’t believe in diets… It’s just too brief to not take pleasure in it. If you want a cookie, go ahead and eat one.’

Sophie explained that when gyms were closed due to the lockdown, she began working out with fitness trainer Kate Ivey via her DediKate app.

‘There are a number of excellent high-intensity 20-minute workouts that may be easily included into a busy person’s schedule. ‘I’ve also begun doing online boxing lessons, walking my dog, and swimming in the water,’ she said.

Sophie went on to explain that changing up exercises every few months is something she likes.

Meanwhile, Sophie said that owing to her endometriosis, she can’t consume a lot of gluten or dairy since it causes her a lot of discomfort.

‘I like to consume a wide variety of foods and things that make me happy.’ I get irritable when I don’t eat enough, and [my boyfriend] Patrick [O’Connor] knows to keep his distance! So I try to keep some nutritious foods on hand to keep me going when I’m in a funk.’

Sophie enlisted the aid of a gynaecologist, a physiotherapist, and a naturopath to help her manage with her illness.

She claims she became an Endometriosis Australia advocate when she was at her worst.

‘I contacted them during a really difficult period in my life, when I was in a lot of agony on a daily basis,’ she explained.

In this week’s issue of WHO Magazine, you can read the complete interview with Sophie.


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