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EXCLUSIVE: Jodi Gordon reveals how her daughter is following in her showbiz footsteps and teases a Home and Away return

With high-profile roles on Home and Away and, more recently, Neighbours, Jodi Gordon has cemented her reputation as one of Australia’s soap opera queens.

The 36-year-most old’s important position these days is being a mother to her daughter Aleeia Anasta, whom she shares with her ex-husband Braith Anasta.

This week, Jodi opened up to Now to Love, adding that Aleeia and motherhood are “all things magical.”

“She is my pride and delight, and she is what makes life what it is. Everyone understands that motherhood isn’t always easy, but at the end of the day, we do our best with what we know “she explains.

And it appears that the seven-year-old may follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry (when she is much older, of course).

“I believe she may be a performer of some type, whether on stage or via singing and dancing. Perhaps not acting, “Jodi explains.

Aleeia, according to Jodi, resembles her in more ways than simply their mutual passion of performance.

“I think she has my spirit,” the local star adds, “she’s always smiling, singing, and dancing, enjoys a good talk, and is very understanding of others.”

With a giggle, she adds, “She’s obsessed with music, cosmetics, painting, cartwheels, and Harry Styles.”

“She also has a part of her that is really interested in learning how to help others who are less fortunate than herself, which makes me very pleased. She’s a one-of-a-kind young kid.”

With Christmas just around the corner, Jodi shared that she and Aleeia will spend the holidays “dancing” with friends while surrounded by plenty of delicious food.

Jodi and Aleeia’s father, former NRL player Braith, married in 2012. Up the social scene, the couple put on a united face, but cracks began to appear, and they separated three years later.

Jodi and Braith have a solid co-parenting partnership built on putting Aleeia’s needs first, despite their relationship not working out.

Jodi hasn’t completely ruled out repeating her role as Martha Mackenzie, which will come as welcome news to Home and Away fans.

“What’s to stop you? Who knows, I adore Martha “She makes fun of him.

Jodi was a regular on Summer Bay from 2005 to 2010, when she left the show. From 2016 till early last year, she starred in the rival soap Neighbours.

But, for the time being, Jodi is leaving her experience on Australia’s two greatest soaps behind her and focusing on other interesting ventures.

“Right now, I’m filming a TV programme, and I’m really happy to start my own business and start developing a few new goods,” she says.

“There are so many amazing things going on right now that my thankfulness is overflowing!”

One of her most recent achievements is being designated an ambassador for Aidan the Brand, her boyfriend Aidan Walshe’s premium bag firm.

“I’ve always been a fan of ATB, and I recently shot the new ad, which looks amazing. The collection has everything you might desire in a modern, sleek, and elegant form of transportation. Aidan the Brand’s entire look appeals to me “she explains.

“I’m a big supporter of Australian brands and the Aussie way of life, which is why it was exciting to collaborate on this project and be a part of curating the range, which offers superior design and craftsmanship at a reasonable price,” says the designer.


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