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Home and Away to split up Tane and Felicity for good?

Tane will uncover Felicity’s lies in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, calling her acts “unforgivable.” Is the golden couple of the show about to call it quits?

In recent Australian episodes of Home and Away, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) made the unexpected decision to try for a child with husband Tane (Ethan Browne).

Felicity has never desired children, and she has made that quite obvious to Tane throughout their relationship. You would have to be a really uninformed viewer of the show to be unaware of this. It was therefore not shocking when Tane brought up the topic a few weeks earlier and she abruptly ended the conversation.

Tane brought it up now since Felicity had never desired a marriage, and the two of them were happy together. If Felicity changed her mind, perhaps she was ready to think again about having kids?

Although Flick acknowledged his point of view, she clarified that although it was conceivable in theory that she might later alter her mind, it was extremely unlikely.

But she soon realised how much Tane was suffering as a result of her choice. As they drank together at Salt, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and newcomer Harper (Jessica Redmayne) noticed the depth of his feelings as well.

Felicity acted rashly, telling her husband that she had changed her mind and was ready to start a family after learning from everyone around her how distraught Tane was at the thought of a life without children!


But as we soon found out, she wasn’t being serious.

Felicity has been seen sneaking into Salt’s store room on a regular basis during the past few weeks, where she conceals a supply of birth control pills. She’s making sure that, in spite of Tane’s best efforts in the bedroom, she doesn’t get pregnant by carrying on with them behind her back.

Felicity reassured Mackenzie (Emily Weir) that Flick’s deception was just temporary, lasting only a few weeks until she was ready, after Mackenzie found out about it last week.

But Tane finds out about Felicity’s falsehoods in the next week’s episodes, and it breaks his heart.

In a recent teaser, Tane is seen briskly strolling through the backyard of the Parata residence when Felicity opens the door and yells after him.

Overlay text reads, “A lie could end it all,” over the action.

She yells, “Tane,” but he doesn’t turn around.

He is seen conversing with Cash, who is off-screen, at the Surf Club.

He begins, “It’s unbelievable that she did this.” “You are aware of the difficulties we faced. following the incident. How she tossed the engagement diamond in my face and shoved me aside.

The trailer retells some of the worst moments in the couple’s history, including Felicity’s hospital stay following the accident and her subsequent hospital stay following her attack.

Then they take us back to one of their lowest points. At Summer Bay Caravan Park, Flick tells Tane, “we’re done,” while shoving her engagement ring back in his face.

Tane says, “We survived everything horrible that happened because we loved each other.”

Cash queries, “How is this any different?” in an attempt to get the couple to back together.

This time, though, is distinct.

The couple’s happier times are flashed through in the commercial, but Tane seems to have made up his mind and won’t seem to care about the pleasant memories.

Tane has traditionally placed a higher value on family, so this is going too far.

Tane exclaims, “She did this,” with anger. She chose to pretend to be me. That isn’t affection.

Tane is seen conducting PT exercises on the sand. He turns around, giving Felicity, who is observing from the parkland, a dejected face, a sneer.


For several months, fans have been speculating that Tane and Felicity could split up after seeing actor Ethan Browne film sequences sans his wedding ring. Their marriage appears to be over because of Felicity’s lies, but it’s unclear at this point if this is a short-term divorce or a permanent one.

Fans are wondering if Tane will hook up with one of the two Matheson sisters, who recently moved to Summer Bay, after spotting Tane sitting next to Harper (Jessica Redmayne) in paparazzi photos of the cast filming a big event that will likely air as part of this year’s season finale.

Dana made the most of her newfound freedom a few weeks earlier by checking out the lads of Summer Bay, with Tane in particular capturing her attention.

Felicity pointed out that the gorgeous guy Dana was eyeing was really her husband after she chance to overhear their discussion while standing close.

Dana joked that she would be happy to take over if she ever felt like taking a break.

Given that Tane and Felicity appear to be splitting up on Home and Away, will Dana get her chance?


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