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Neighbours reveals David and Freya outcome in 20 new spoiler pictures

Your complete photo gallery of what’s coming up on Ramsay Street in the week ahead, beginning Monday, April 18.

Monday, April 18th:

Freya seeks comfort from her brother. At the coffeehouse, she runs into Zane.

Freya is having a hard time. The mysterious blackmailer, who appears to be aware of her and David’s secret regarding Gareth’s death, has demanded money.

Freya seeks Zane’s assistance. She expects him to hand up the cash.

Zane is split between two worlds. He lends the money to Freya after an emotional plea. But, even with the money, Freya and David aren’t out of the woods yet.

Tuesday, April 19th:

Freya and David make an unexpected choice. The extortion scheme has gone too far.

David and Freya surrender to the authorities. They reclaim control of the situation.

A mugshot of David is taken. The gravity of the situation has overwhelmed him.

Freya and David have become one. Both are adamant about facing the music.

Levi is taken aback. He’s in charge of David and Freya’s processing.

Freya’s actions have hurt Levi. Their relationship has come to a halt.

Friday, April 22nd:

Mackenzie is having a huge day. She’s doing her first picture shoot as a professional model.

Mackenzie is under a lot of stress at the moment. Montana insisted on Mackenzie’s appearance at the shoot despite the fact that she had university obligations today.

Mackenzie had made plans to stay on track with her studies. Her peers will take her place.

Hendrix, on the other hand, is secretly concerned. Mackenzie now looks to be unconcerned about university.

Mackenzie begins to feel helpless. The strain becomes unbearable.

Mackenzie is reassured by Hendrix. He assures her that she will be fantastic.

The shoot is still going on. Another pricey piece is on display.

Terese, Mick, and Hendrix keep an eye on everything. They’re all blown away.

Hendrix contributes to the shoot. He is holding the photographer’s fan.

Hendrix admires Mackenzie. Is this the start of Mackenzie’s new career path?


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