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Home and Away’s Theo and Ryder face anger in death aftermath

Theo Poulos and Ryder Jackson from Home and Away will suffer a major setback on UK screens next week as they strive to help the bereaved Parata family.

The Paratas will be crushed in upcoming episodes on Channel 5, as Ari passes away in hospital. The catastrophe occurs just days after Ari’s terminal illness was revealed.

In the aftermath of Ari’s death, Theo and Ryder discuss ways to assist Ari’s loved ones in their grief.

They’re especially eager to assist their buddy Chloe Anderson, knowing how deeply she’ll be affected by the loss of her primary father figure.

Theo and Ryder agree to make an emotional video with residents of Summer Bay paying tribute to Ari.

Theo and Ryder are eager to put their video-making skills to greater use after previously caused a stir with their filmed pranks and challenges.

When the video is finished, Ryder and Theo give it to Chloe.


They’re overjoyed when Chloe appreciates the gesture and begins viewing the video over and over.

When Ari’s bereaved wife Mia receives her own copy of the tape, it’s too much for her to bear, and she sobs.

Mia accuses Theo and Ryder of being insensitive, self-indulgent, and disrespectful for filming the video in the first place.

The boys are humiliated because they were simply trying to help and now feel awful for making things worse.

After the row, Theo wallows in remorse, but Justin Morgan helps him put things in perspective.

Justin points out that Theo had good intentions, despite his terrible timing. If Theo gives Mia space, he believes she will finally come around.

Justin gives Theo food for thought when he says that individuals can act irrationally when they are grieving, and that he shouldn’t take it personally.

Will Mia change her views about the video in the future?


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