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Home and Away’s Remi Carter and Eden Fowler to face a new dilemma over Lyrik’s future

Next week, on Australian screens, Remi Carter and Eden Fowler—who are still fighting for Lyrik’s future—will clash over what will happen to him.

Kirby Aramoana left the band to pursue a solo career, leaving the closest friends to attempt to salvage the group.

Theo Poulos has made plans to return to mechanic school because he believes Lyrik has no future in this current predicament, despite his expressed preference to remain with the group.

Recently, Kirby’s new manager enforced a copyright provision, preventing the band from performing any of her or her co-written songs, leading to the cancellation of Lyrik’s shows. This ended up being the great bulk of the group’s back library.

The Australian episodes airing next week feature Remi and Eden straining to come up with fresh ideas for Lyrik but failing miserably.

Eden also confides in Remi, expressing to her how difficult it is for Kirby to leave Lyrik behind after spending so much time with him.

Later on, Eden begins penning a song whose lyrics, “And now you’re gone, you’re on your way, and what am I supposed to say?” seem to have been influenced by Kirby’s contentious departure.

Remi believes the song’s unadulterated emotion might help save the band, but Eden loses interest and won’t let it play through.

Remi, looking irritated, replies, “We’re trying to save the band here.”

In response, Eden says forcefully, “Then we find another way, or the band doesn’t get saved.”

What does Lyrik’s future contain, and is it possible to get Theo back on board?

Fans of Home and Away in the UK can watch these scenes in October on Channel 5.


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