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Home and Away’s Tane Parata is rushed to hospital after UK finale cliffhanger

Over the holidays, UK viewers of Home and Away were left with a dramatic cliffhanger regarding Tane Parata.

Tane has been left clinging to life following a terrifying attack by his unknown stalker, with the serial now taking a six-week sabbatical on Channel 5.

While many in Summer Bay assume he’s the one who’s been harassing Felicity Newman, the stalker struck in this cliffhanger by poisoning his drink and then pouring a lethal chemical all over him.

Summer Bay was also at risk since the poisonous chemical spilled into the air conditioning unit, which trickled into Martha Stewart’s mental health benefit at Salt restaurant.

The partygoers continued to mix, unaware that they were in danger. A few people made it out alive by departing before Cash Newman detected a mist emanating from the vents.

Cash yelled for everyone to back away from the vents, then discovered Tane, who was practically asleep, while trying to figure out what was causing his chemical leak.

Organophosphates, a chemical found in many pesticides, were the source of the leak, as Cash and the others soon learned! Logan Bennett and Jasmine Delaney risked being exposed by ministering to Tane, thus HAZMAT hurried to the site.


Tane’s condition quickly deteriorated to the point where his vitals began to crash on the journey, despite the fact that they were ultimately able to transport him to the hospital.

Tane had begun to pass out by the time he was brought to the emergency department, but Logan refused to let him leave. Logan was urged to stop chest compressions by Jasmine, and just as Logan was losing hope, Tane began to show a pulse again.

Will Tane, on the other hand, be able to regain consciousness?


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