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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman to be blackmailed in dark storyline

Next week, another emotional series of episodes of Home and Away will premiere in the UK as the man who sexually assaulted Felicity Newman begins to make threats.

Felicity is shocked when the sinister person starts sending her revolting text messages and demands $1,000 in exchange for not making a video of her assault public.

Felicity intends to move on from her ordeal in the episodes airing on Channel 5 next week. She also asks her husband Tane to quit being so “clingy” around her.

Tane dedicates his life to helping Felicity and skips his fitness bootcamp to be with her. Felicity urges that they return to their regular life despite his assurances to the contrary.

Another terrifying development later astounds Felicity. She receives a text message from the assailant, who has threatened to reveal video of the assault unless she pays him.

Tane advises they contact the authorities by way of her brother Cash after Felicity shows Tane the note. Felicity is certain that Cash can’t be aware of this, much to Tane’s dismay.

Tane is doubtful of Felicity’s hypothesis that the text message was a hoax and that there is no such video because so few people are aware of Tane’s assault, and Felicity speculates that the text message might be a scam.

In the meantime, Cash is informed by Xander Delaney that he observed Felicity leaving Salt quickly after receiving a distressing SMS.

Felicity avoids informing Cash what is going on when he goes to see whether she is alright.

Later, a text message including a snippet from the video, another warning, and information on where to wire the $1,000 is sent to Felicity.

Felicity agrees to pay the blackmailer after feeling defeated. Tane swears to continue to support her despite his disagreement with her choice.


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