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Home and Away Spoilers – Rose accuses Mali of cheating on her

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity’s blackmailer demands $10,000, and the farmhouse is vandalised with a message to “stay away from my wife.” This makes Rose suspicious of Mali.

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), who gave in to her attacker’s extortion the previous week, is shocked to receive a follow-up message with an additional demand.

When Flick’s drink was tainted at the Battle of the Bands, someone emailed her a picture of herself unconscious and threatened to broadcast a film of the incident if she didn’t pay $1000, Flick and her husband Tane (Ethan Browne) were still getting used to life following her attack.

Flick thought she had no choice but to pay up because she was terrified that the film may be made public and was concerned that if she reported it to the police, her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) might see it.

Despite her reluctance and the fact that there was no assurance it would stop, Tane eventually backed Flick’s choice to make the bank transfer.

One week from now, Flick is having trouble following up on her most recent intake. Although she had started to make progress, she believes that by being unable to discuss the issue honestly, she is now going backwards.

If Flick wasn’t already horrified by the demand, things only become worse when, as is always the case, the blackmailer sends another message claiming to be in the mood for $10,000!

Flick quickly shows Tane the document and starts to consider how they can raise that amount of money.

Tane answers right away, saying that it would be foolish to give in to their demands once more. He makes the same argument he used the first time around: what will happen if they demand even more?

Despite acknowledging that she hasn’t planned that far ahead, Flick is insistent that they must make up for it. When Cash calls to ask Flick to come to the police station, the tension is released.

Excited, the two set out for Yabbie Creek, where Cash alerts them to the possibility of a suspect. An anonymous tip, along with a name and photo, stated that a person was boasting about drugging a girl at a music event.

When Cash asks Flick to look at the picture, she is unable to identify the man. Still, that doesn’t imply he’s not the guy if he has no memory of what happened to her.

When Flick and Tane are alone, he remarks that if this is the man who attacked her, then their ordeal will end and they won’t have to worry about losing the $10,000.

The following morning, though, Cash gets some unsettling news. It turns out that the suspect has a perfect alibi; the tip originated from his ex-girlfriend, who was only looking to stir up problems, and he wasn’t even in New South Wales at the time.

Flick tells Cash that it was a long shot and everything is OK, while Tane tries to disguise how truly devastating this news is for them both.

They’re back to square one, Flick tells Tane as Cash leaves the two to their work. How are they going to get their $10,000?

After the break-in at the farmhouse, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) goes to Mali (Kyle Shilling) for answers somewhere in Summer Bay, but he is just as puzzled as she is!

The week before, as Mali was leaving to speak with Rose’s brother Xander (Luke Van Os), he casually told her that he loved her. This was a turning point for the couple.

Rose was surprised by how casual the proclamation was; she had expected it to be a little more romantic the first time one of them used the L word. Mali subsequently realised what he had done, and the two decided to move forwards from the incident.

Rose had some reflection time and came to the realisation that she did, in fact, love Mali back. To make her own proclamation, she planned a romantic lunch at the farmhouse.

But when Rose brought Mali home later, they were shocked to see the living room completely destroyed and a bizarre warning—”Stay away from my wife”—sprayed on the tablecloth.

It follows that the message is presumably meant for Mali since she and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) are the sole occupants of the farmhouse and Mackenzie isn’t, as far as they know, going through an experimental phase.

Rose is unsure of what to trust, even though Mali reassures her that he has no idea who sent the message or why it is there. Since she is fairly certain that she is single, whom wife might Mali be connected to in any way?

Rose puts on her police uniform in an attempt to divert her attention. She then calls the station to report the event and goes inside, telling Mali not to touch anything.

Rose later acknowledges to Xander that the case would be challenging because she is aware that any enquiry might reveal some unsettling facts!

Rose maintains her composure as she asks Mali if he knows the identity of the “wife,” emphasising that she must enquire in order for it to be documented.

Rose asks if there have been any strange customers at the shop lately looking to cause trouble as Xander approaches the couple. Xander supports Mali’s claim that he doesn’t know anyone by teasingly observing that, if anything, some of the clients have been a little too amiable.

The realisation dawns on Xander as Rose leaves!

A few weeks ago, as Xander was volunteering to help with the surfing lessons during Mali’s forced water break, a mother approached him and asked if he would be interested in working with her kid one-on-one.

When Xander finally agreed, though, it was clear that the mother was more eager to be close to him than she was to see her kid receive instruction.

Mac joked that Xander should have told the woman he charged more for it when he told her about the incident at the time.

Xander now understands that it was all a case of mistaken identification and that the woman’s husband must have somehow discovered that she was trying to pass herself off to the man from Mantaray Boards.

After Xander goes to the station and tells Rose everything, the case is eventually ended when she subsequently verifies that they were able to locate the spouse along Ferry Road.

Because of his “next-level charm,” Xander can’t help but feel a little bad about Mali, and in an attempt to make up for it, he offers to help him the following day.

Mali is still unaware of Rose’s genuine motives for the romantic dinner, though. Is there any chance she’ll get to tell him, or has it already passed?


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