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Home and Away’s Irene Roberts to be drawn into criminal storyline

A fresh surprise for Irene Roberts has been hinted at in Home and Away; she’s going to be dragged into the drama between Harper and Dana Matheson.

When Irene discovers that her new lodger is considerably more than what first meets the eye, she is in for a terrible surprise.

Recently, Irene decided to rent out a room and let Harper into her home, which was watched by Australian people.

Harper gave off the impression of being the ideal houseguest, but she was actually hiding her sister Dana, who is on the run after her ex-boyfriend falsely accused her of drug offences.

Irene’s temporary absence from the Bay gave the Matheson sisters some breathing room, however it also left them with an empty house.

Irene will be returning home in next week’s Australian episodes, according to a new teaser, and it doesn’t take her long to discover Harper’s secret.

Fortunately, after speaking with local constable Cash Newman—who is also surreptitiously assisting the siblings—Irene appears willing to grant the siblings the benefit of the doubt.

Harper is informed by Irene, “I’m not the kind of person to throw two innocent women to the wolves.”

In the meantime, a suspenseful video shows dishonest police officer Detective Will Madden attempting to detain Harper on the grounds that Harper may have assisted Dana.

Dana is forced to come out of hiding and give herself over as a result, possibly determining her fate.

Fans of Home and Away in the UK can watch these scenes in October on Channel 5.


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