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Baby joy and blackmail hell: 7 big Neighbours spoilers

This week’s highs and lows in Neighbours are immense, with Kyle (Chris Milligan) and Roxy (Zima Anderson) reaching new heights with their unexpected news, while David (Takaya Honda) plummets to new depths.

After what he did to Gareth, David is now the target of a blackmail plot, and with his sense of guilt growing, may he be about to snap?

Kyle and Roxy make a life-changing decision that leaves everyone stunned, and then they make a shocking discovery that accelerates their life-changing decision.

Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) has his sights set on Montana (Tammin Sursok). However, he is about to learn that his son Leo (Tim Kano) has received their first. And Paul, even by his own kid, does not enjoy being outdone.

Amy (Jacinta Stapleton) is feeling impulsive and takes a decision that could send her and Ned (Ben Hallromance )’s crashing to the ground faster than the Titanic.

Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) might have discovered a new path in life as well.

Here’s what’s coming up next in Neighbours.

Kyle and Roxy are expecting their first child as they prepare to leave

Roxy and Kyle are inconsolably depressed after learning that their only hope at having a biological child has been snuffed out. They resolve to fight for compensation, but they are well aware that it will have little effect. They accept the fertility clinic’s offer and decide to reconsider their plans. Meanwhile, Sheila decides to give them a party to show them how much she loves them. Instead, they isolate themselves from their friends and family, eventually revealing – to everyone’s surprise – that they’ve decided to leave. Sheila tries everything she can to persuade them to alter their views, but when Kyle finds that the offer of a new home has been retracted, he knows who to blame. Kyle and Roxy argue because of the tension, and Roxy seeks help from her mother to understand why she can’t control her emotions. Gemma, on the other hand, offers a wholly unexpected gem of mumsie wisdom: she believes Roxy is pregnant. Roxy discovers the truth and informs Kyle, who is taken aback. For their new small family, there’s even more motivation to go.

David is under duress as he searches for the blackmailer

After discovering the letter ‘I know what you did,’ David is uncomfortable, and he’s in a race against time to figure out who knows, what they know, and prevent them from informing anybody else. He tells Freya that their plan to kill Gareth is no longer a secret, and he’s furious when he learns that she may have mistakenly told Gareth’s ex Emma about it. She only worked one job. David is shocked and loses faith in her, but things become even worse when he receives another note, this time threatening his family. This is enough to motivate Freya to take action in order to keep their terrible secret hidden. Meanwhile, David deduces that Dean is the blackmailer and confronts him. There’s a mistake there, because Dean has no idea what David is talking about. But, while David is concerned with all of this, he is unaware that his own husband is becoming increasingly aware of what is actually going on…

Paul’s response to Leo’s dirty little secret

Paul chooses to wine and dine Montana in order to score a one-on-one with Terese. Terese is irritated by this, but she has no idea what more he has planned. However, Paul’s plans are swiftly upset when he wanders into the vineyard and discovers his own son Leo having an affair with Montana. This first plays perfectly into Paul’s hands, as he sees an opportunity to avenge Terese. He accuses the couple of doing things behind their backs during Fashion Week, but this just serves to strengthen their bond. Paul’s strategy backfires, and he is outcast. But he’s not about to give up on this one just yet…

Amy’s unexpected decision

Amy has taken on more than she can handle and is unable to think clearly, namely, that she is prioritising the Fashion Week design over all else. That means her beloved vehicle is rusting away, and she has lost all affection for it, to the point that she decides to sell it in order to support her participation in Fashion Week. That’s it for Ned; he’s had it with her acting on impulse and not planning ahead. This, in his opinion, demonstrates that they are not ready to start a family. The couple had a fight and realises they need to cool off, so they go their separate ways for the time being. When Ned returns to Ramsay Street, however, he sees Amy has disregarded everything he’s said and placed a for sale sign on the van. He’s finished.

Karl is self-conscious

Toadie, Melanie, and Susan are blown away by Clive’s beautiful penthouse, prompting Karl to reconsider all he owns. How is it that Clive has so much while he has so little? He’s remorseful that he hasn’t lavished Susan with the luxury she deserves, and he realises he needs to step up his game – but this could lead him down a dangerous path. He chooses to hunt for investment options since he wants to generate money quickly. When he comes across Montana Marcel, he immediately sees dollar signals. He quickly chooses to invest in her newest business venture. Isn’t this doom and gloom written all over it?

Kendal Jenner, beware: Mackenzie is in town

Mackenzie is anxious for employment during Fashion Week and offers herself as an unpaid intern. She lands a job as Montana’s assistant, but Montana isn’t keen about having an inexperienced kid under her feet. Rather, she advises Mackenzie to take the stage and rock the looks herself. Mackenzie is on her way to the catwalk, and might this be the start of a completely new life for her?!

Nic is adamant on winning. Kiri has returned

In love, you’ve had bad luck Nic is ecstatic that Kiri will be visiting Ramsay Street, and her affections are stronger than ever. She senses that the flame between them hasn’t gone, and she decides that now is the time to show Kiri who she really is. Will it be successful?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, April 4th.


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