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Home and Away’s Emily Weir caught in ‘scary’ storm in bikini: ‘Crazy’

Although it might appear like Summer Bay is always sunny, a recent Home and Away Instagram image shows that’s not always the case. In Palm Beach, where the show is filmed, the cast and crew experienced strong winds on Monday.

The lunch area was shown to have been entirely destroyed by the storm in video taken from the safety of the makeup trailers. Not only were tables and chairs turned upside down, but one marquee was also spotted flying in the opposite direction into the water.

“Today at Summer Bay, there was a small tornado. Everyone, stay dry,” the caption said.

Hey, do you guys know what time lunch is?” is a question that Luke Van Os (Xander Delaney) can be heard asking as Emily Weir (Mackenzie Booth) and newcomer Kyle Shilling (Mali Hudson) examine the damage.

Emily is wearing simply a bikini and a blue bathrobe, and she has wet hair and a chilly appearance. The actress sits down amidst the commotion and seems as though she is waiting for lunch. She chuckles, “I dunno, I’m just waiting patiently.”

In addition, Kyle is not suitably clothed for the climate; he is still wearing shorts and bare feet while walking around. A little packet of marmalade and some utensils that Kyle found on the ground are given to Emily.

“Yum, yes!” Before attempting to unlock her cutlery, Emily makes a joke.

Some viewers said that this was more exciting than the show itself, with one even speculating that it might be a cliffhanger.

A fan said, “We need something like this in an episode again.”

“The cliffhanger until next year. Who survived the storm?” a second person added.

“Wow, it was wild, omg!” A third person said, “I wonder if this is a preview of what Home and Away will feature next year.

Others expressed their worry over the weather phenomenon by calling the storm “frightening” and “wild.”

One supporter said, “Omg, please remain safe and dry.”

The essential thing is that nobody was injured, a second said.

“Each day, further…

Blowin’ Away,” said another.


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