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Home and Away to revisit Bree Cameron’s dark storyline as new characters arrive

Next week, on Home and Away, Bree Cameron will meet Remi Carter’s parents for the first time, which will bring back a painful chapter in her history.

When Remi’s parents reach out to her, Bree gets ready to talk candidly about her violent husband, Jacob.

Remi intends to see his parents, Graham and Nicola, in order to assist celebrate their wedding anniversary in upcoming episodes on Channel 5. Admitting that this is the first time he has introduced someone special to his parents, he invites Bree to go along as well.

Bree is greeted warmly by wealthy couple Graham and Nicola, who show her around their opulent home.

Bree surveys the opulent surroundings, which include a hired string quartet and a personal chef to assist celebrate the occasion.

Even though everything gets off to a good start, when Nicola wants to know how Bree and Remi first met, it becomes awkward.

Bree begins to explain that her husband Jacob, who has now passed away, was the reason it was a terrible period. Remi tries to change the topic right away, shutting off the debate, but Bree gets upset and wonders why he would want to keep the truth from his parents.

After Bree attempted to flee their violent marriage last year, Jacob took her hostage. Even though Bree had developed feelings for Remi, evil Jacob wasn’t ready to let her go.

During Bree’s ordeal, Jacob made her spend the night with him in an isolated area. Later, when Bree discovered that Jacob was about to kill her, she decided to take the offensive and killed him right away by hitting him with a shovel.

Bree and Remi had a challenging talk on how to explain their convoluted background during the party.

Remi makes it clear that he doesn’t feel guilty about Bree and assures her that they will find the ideal moment to tell his parents everything.

When Bree gets her opportunity the following morning at breakfast, she tells everyone that she killed Jacob in an attempt to save her own life. What will Nicola and Graham think?


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