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Home and Away’s Nikau and Xander in dramatic rescue scenes

There’s never a dull moment in Summer Bay, and Nikau and Xander will be embroiled in dramatic rescue sequences involving newbie Millie in forthcoming episodes of Home and Away.

Following his involvement in saving Millie (Zara Zoe) from a tragic car accident, Xander (Luke Van Os) has been busy offering support to her. Millie escaped the tragedy, but her best friend Jo died, and Millie has been left to blame herself.

Millie escapes the hospital and heads to the beach in episodes slated to air this week in Australia.

Despite the fact that lifeguard Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) sees Millie and tries to warn her about the dangerous surf conditions, Millie enters the water, and Nikau dives in to save her.

Nikau instantly calls for rescue over the radio when he sees her go under, then rushes to Millie’s aid.

After hearing the emergency call, John (Shane Washington) hurries from the surf club just as the young lifeguard pulls an unconscious Millie back to shore, and Xander and Jasmine Delaney aren’t far behind after learning that Millie has left the hospital.

Xander instantly offers his paramedic services and takes over chest compressions, but Millie remains unresponsive, leading Xander to become increasingly desperate as a concerned Jasmine looks on.

However, one major concern remains: will Millie survive?

“Xander feels the obligation to follow up on the patient after her friend’s death and continues to go above and beyond during her rehabilitation,” Luke said of the storyline and why Xander is so interested in Millie.

“The main focus is on his empathy for her and his understanding of what it’s like to lose someone close to you,” he continued.


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