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Home and Away Leah star opens up on co-star bond and admits soap has been ‘draining’

Actors James Stewart and Ada Nicodemou from Home and Away have talked candidly about their 25-year friendship.

Since 2019, the actors have played Leah Patterson and Justin Morgan, a Summer Bay couple. After four years, James told New Idea that he still enjoys working with Ada, saying that “working with Ada is always so easy.”

“It’s a delight,” he said. Ada, who has played Leah since 2000, first got to know James in 1998 while he was filming the Australian thriller Breakers. They got back together over two decades later in 2016 when James, then 48, was cast as Justin.

The on-screen couple has experienced many terrifying plots; most recently, they were kidnapped and presumed dead by the infamous Vita Nova cult. In the episode that aired on Wednesday, January 17, a cult member made an attempt to kill Justin while he was in the hospital, putting their lives in danger once more.

With Jordan’s arrest, it appeared as though the horror was finished, but Leah’s struggle is far from over. She starts having intense nightmares about their kidnapping and Justin’s ensuing health problems the following week.

The 46-year-old said of the horrific scenes, “It’s been tough. It has been quite taxing to film this plot, but it is a very vital one to convey.”

“It’s been really good career-wise, because I’ve had a lot of big storylines over the past year,” she continued. Given how busy Ada and James are on set, it should come as no surprise that they both want to spend time with their family when they’re not working.

The actress is a devoted mother to her 11-year-old son Johnas and has been dating Adam Rigby since 2016. While James has a daughter named Scout, who is eleven years old, from a previous relationship, he has been married to co-star Sarah Roberts of Home and Away since 2019.


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