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Home and Away to be rocked by ‘jaw-dropping’ episode where one character ‘won’t come home’

Fans have reacted to the ‘huge’ new storyline.

The most cherished citizens of Summer Bay are in danger when a terrible explosion smashes through the Bay next week, and time is running out.

A mysterious package explodes in a new Home and Away teaser, revealing the character responsible for the blast.

The brown cardboard box, addressed to Marilyn Chambers (played by Emily Symons), was brought to the Summer Bay Diner in Wednesday night’s episode of Home and Away.

Marilyn is in the middle of a battle against the dishonest skincare firm Stunning Organics when it looks that she has received one final delivery.

The occupants of the bay are unaware that the box is filled with explosives.

The box travels around the bay when Marilyn takes a while to retrieve the package from the diner, passing through the hands of lovable residents including Irene (Lynne McGranger), Kirby (Angelina Thomson), Marilyn, Xander (Luke Van Os), Leah (Ada Nicodemou), and John (Shane Withington).

The countdown timer for the bomb eventually goes off, and the clock starts to tick ominously.

Mali (Kyle Shilling), the proprietor of a surf store, responds to the bomb threat by engaging in a suspenseful automobile chase.

He barrels down the road after his friends in an effort to stop the catastrophe.

And it appears that the blast has rendered him comatose.

Fans will learn of the outcome during next week’s nail-biting episode.

Reacting to the new promo, fans have taken to a Facebook discussion page to share their theories.

“Just saw the end and I bet it’s Mali that dies! Kirby wouldn’t have known there was a bomb in that box!” one suggested.

“I don’t think anyone will die… maybe someone in the cult?” wrote a second.

“Is there anyone in the bay that didn’t get near that box?” one said with a laughing emoji of the new teaser.

“This is going to be huge!” an excited fan wrote.

“Omg what a literal jaw-dropping moment,” said another.


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