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Kylie Minogue shares moving tribute to axed Neighbours

Following the news that Neighbours would be cancelled for good, Kylie Minogue paid tribute to the show.

Channel 5 announced at the beginning of February that Neighbours would be cancelled in the summer.

This left the show’s future uncertain, with many wondering if it would be picked up by another network.

Unfortunately, Fremantle Media said yesterday that they had been unable to find a new home for Neighbours, which means the final episode will run in the summer.

Kylie Jenner, who portrayed Charlene Mitchell in the Australian serial, responded to the Neighbours account’s comment on Twitter this morning.

‘We are so sorry to say that after nearly 37 years and approximately 9000 episodes broadcast, we have to confirm that Neighbours will end production in June,’ the post stated. We have no choice but to put the show on hold following the loss of our important broadcast partner in the UK, despite a thorough hunt for alternative funding.

‘We know this is a big disappointment to our amazing, dedicated fans, as it is to all of us on the team. We appreciate all of your messages and support, and we pledge to end the programme on a positive note. We’ll be commemorating Neighbours from now on. #CelebratingNeighbours.’


‘I’ll be forever grateful for the experience & the people I met on @neighbours,’ Kylie, who played Charlene from 1986 to 1988, responded.

‘We had no clue how popular the show would become or how deeply people would care about it.’ Pure adoration! Madge’s voice is still ringing in my ears… CHARLENE!!!!’

Many fans have replied to the tweet, asking if Kylie will return to the show before the last episode in June.

Both Kylie and Jason Donovan, who played Charlene’s partner Scott Robinson, have been requested to return, although it is yet to be determined whether or not they will.

Kylie has already expressed how much she enjoyed her stint on the Australian serial opera.

‘I have such lovely memories of Neighbours,’ she told ITV around the time of the show’s 30th anniversary, but she also said she wouldn’t be returning.

However, with Ian Smith resuming his role as Harold Bishop, as well as Peter O’Brien (Shane Ramsay), Neighbours is definitely committed to bringing some big names back to Ramsey Street for the finale.

Let’s hope Kylie and Jason aren’t far behind!


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