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Home and Away future backed by Australian network following Neighbours axe

Following the tragic news that Neighbours would be ending, Home and Away has received widespread support from its Australian network.

In a recent interview with TV Tonight, Channel 7’s head of content scheduling Brook Hall pledged the network’s continued commitment to the Summer Bay serial, implying that the show isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I know it’s not a sexy thing to say,” he admitted, “but Home and Away is our big drama that we air pretty much all year.”

“It’s a high-priced, high-quality drama.” It airs throughout primetime on our main channel. It’s not something we utilise to score drama points on the multi. It’s our most expensive content investment. And all of that is lost.

“No other network would put such a high price tag on a show.” It’s our year’s largest production.”

In Australia, television networks are required to meet quotas by commissioning a certain amount of drama, documentary, and children’s programming. Hall, on the other hand, reiterated that their support for the Summer Bay soap was not based on hitting targets.

“I’m really proud of Home and Away,” he remarked, “and it’s arguably our most important show and our most significant financial investment.” “We’re not obligated to do that.” We have faith in it.

“It’s a drama quota, so we don’t do it.” We do it because it’s an incredibly popular show.”

In the United Kingdom, Channel 5 broadcasts Home and Away. Unlike Neighbours, the station has a life-of-series deal, which means it will continue to air the show as long as episodes are produced in Australia.

Neighbours has already cast a number of returning characters, including Lucy Robinson, Shane Ramsay, and Harold Bishop, to see the show out after its 37-year run.


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