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Home and Away star Sam Frost is trolled by anti-vax extremists for ‘backing down’ and getting the Covid jab after Seven threatened to sack her

After her Covid vaccine backflip, Home and Away star Sam Frost is being savagely trolled on social media by anti-vaxxers.

Last month, the actress, 32, became a hero to vaccine opponents after revealing she was unvaccinated in a tearful Instagram video.

However, when she announced on Tuesday that she would be having the vaccine early next year, many of her followers turned against her.

Her backflip appeared to be in response to Channel Seven’s announcement on Friday that all presenters, cast, and staff will be required to be vaccinated.

The “no jab, no job” policy takes effect on January 10, and Sam has stated that she will be double-vaccinated by late February.

One anti-vax troll remarked on Sam’s recent Instagram image, “Backflip amazing… money above your health…”

‘Why would you take the jab?’ said another. As a woman of colour who has been oppressed, I’m furious at you, and I’m furious even more now that I’m being forced to take [the jab] to keep my job. I can’t believe you’d do anything like this. Just go backwards!’

‘She caved in,’ commented a third, adding three money-bag emojis, while a fourth tweeted, ‘A win for the sheep.’ ‘Sam Frost relented.’

‘I can’t believe you were forced into this,’ one troll said. ‘I was expecting you’d be more capable.’

‘If you don’t want it, HOLD THE LINE,’ said another.

The phrase “hold the line” is a rallying cry for anti-vaxxers who claim they will refuse to take the vaccine regardless of personal or professional consequences.

#HoldTheLine supporters have been accused of abusing public personalities who have criticised the Covid vaccination before receiving it.

On Tuesday, Sam reversed her anti-vax attitude, saying that she will get vaccinated, but not until after Seven’s ‘no jab, no job’ deadline.

By late February, she’ll be completely vaccinated, almost seven weeks after the network’s vaccination mandate for all presenters, cast, and staff takes effect on January 10.

Sam’s character Jasmine Delaney will be ‘written out momentarily’ since she won’t be permitted on the Palm Beach set until she’s been doubly vaxxed, she claimed.

The former Bachelorette stated she wasn’t able to receive the jab sooner because of an unidentified ‘medical procedure planned up for January’.

She also stated she wasn’t quitting the show forever and that she had the full backing of Seven executives.

When she does get the injection in February, Sam may well receive the Novavax vaccine, which was just submitted to the TGA for provisional clearance.


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