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13 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Tori and Christian will say their farewell to Summer Bay next week on Home and Away, signalling the end of an era.

Meanwhile, tensions over Tane’s stalker nightmare continue to rise, while Bella and Nikau’s relationship continues to suffer.

Here’s a complete list of the 13 major events coming up.

  1. Jasmine has a hard time dealing with Tori’s announcement

Felicity attempts to mediate between Cash and Jasmine by informing her brother that his fiancée is willing to spend the night with him for the first time. However, Jasmine’s world is turned upside down when she learns that Tori and Christian would be departing with baby Grace for London.

Jasmine recommends that they plan a romantic weekend in a hotel, which Cash agrees to. Jasmine, clearly shaken by recent events, demands that they depart that night.

When Cash is delayed at work, Jasmine relaxes with Felicity at Salt while she waits for him. However, by the time Cash arrives, Jasmine is inebriated, and the night out is called off.

  1. Jasmine is remorseful about the night before

When Jasmine wakes up the next morning, she is remorseful for overindulging and ruining her plans with Cash. She knows this is a result of Tori’s announcement, because she can’t bear the notion of Grace living on the other side of the globe.

Before Tori’s wedding, Jasmine spends some time with Grace. Cash pays her a visit and assures her that he is unconcerned about what transpired the night before.

  1. Last-minute snafus threaten to throw the wedding off track

Tori and Christian are under a lot of pressure as they try to keep their wedding plans on schedule. Tori is upset to find that her brother Brody will be unable to attend.

Things worsen when Justin refuses to lead Tori down the aisle because he still can’t accept his sister’s choice to leave.

Jasmine also tells Cash that she’s not sure she’ll be able to cope with witnessing Tori and Christian go on their next chapter and take Grace away if she attends the ceremony. Can Tori and Christian pull off a successful wedding with so much uncertainty?

  1. Tori and Christian bid each other farewell

Tori and Christian’s wedding takes place in the Morgan family’s back yard, and it’s a sweet and personal occasion. The pair is looking forward to sharing their love with their closest friends, who have all been there for them during some difficult moments in recent months.

Tori and Christian exchange their final goodbyes after the wedding before departing for London to begin their new life together.

  1. Ziggy tries to communicate with Dean

Dean feels uneasy about Ziggy’s return to the Bay and says he isn’t ready for her to be a part of his recovery. Ziggy refuses to accept this, and Dean is forced to accept her assistance in his rehabilitation.

Dean doesn’t want Ziggy to see him in such a vulnerable state, so Ziggy has an uphill task ahead of him. She remains his rock and assures him that they will get through this together.

  1. Ziggy and Dean encounter yet another stumbling block

Dean begins to interrogate Ziggy about her breakup with Tane and if they would be living together if he hadn’t suffered his injury. Ziggy is at a loss for words, but later acknowledges that she wouldn’t have asked Dean to move in so fast if he didn’t want a convenient location to heal.

In these circumstances, Dean begins to wonder if he should truly be staying at the farm house, but Ziggy attempts to reassure him that everything has worked out for the best.

  1. Alf expresses his love for Martha

Martha is still planning her mental health fundraiser and working on a piece of art that will be presented during the event. When Martha discovers that the tickets are now sold out, she is overjoyed.

Martha’s growth is closely monitored by Roo, but her mother feels suffocated by all of the attention. Alf invites Martha to dance with him in the moonlight outside their home, recognising that she might need a break.

  1. Nikau’s new employment is causing issues

Nikau begins working at Dean’s surf shop to assist him while he recovers from his automobile accident. On Nikau’s first day, Bella attempts to cheer him on, but things quickly turn bad when a handful of females recognise him from his social media and modelling popularity.

When the girls request a photo with Nikau, John volunteers to take it. Unfortunately, this triggers negative memories for Bella, who is still hurt by Nikau’s easy temptation to cheat on her with Sienna. Will she be able to put her faith in him around his female students?

  1. Ari and Mia are looking forward to the future

Ari and Mia are eagerly awaiting confirmation that they are the gym’s new owners. Mia is under a lot of stress because she can’t stop worrying that something will go wrong.

Fortunately, Mia receives a call from the solicitor later to clarify that the settlement has been completed and that the gym now belongs to her and Ari. The couple rejoices, while Ari remains uneasy about the unlawful methods they employed to fund their new beginning.

Mia urges Ari to move on from this so they may concentrate on their next task: adopting a kid.

  1. Tane and Felicity’s feud is still going strong

When Felicity sees Tane at the beach with Mackenzie, she becomes concerned. She attempts to scare Mac away by saying that it’s best to avoid Tane. Mac is irritated by this and points out that she has known Tane for a much longer time.

Later, Felicity runs into the couple at Salt, causing Mac to eject her to avoid a fight. When Mac goes to bed and notices someone looking at her, she can’t help but think it’s Felicity attempting to terrify her.

  1. Alf issues a warning to Tane

When Mac expresses her opinion that Felicity was stalking her, Tane is shocked. He walks straight to the Surf Club to confront Felicity, ending in a public brawl.

When Alf sees the fight, he believes Tane is crossing a boundary, so he intervenes. He tells Tane that he should never talk to a young woman like that again.

As Felicity gains support from the likes of Alf and Roo, Tane becomes increasingly irritated in his attempts to persuade everyone that he is the victim of the situation. Felicity, on the other hand, is relieved that some people in the Bay are now understanding her point of view, even if she continues to deny any wrongdoing.

  1. Logan is confronted with a problem

Logan informs Mac that his rescue crew is being transferred to a different part of the shore. This implies that if he wants to maintain his work, he’ll have to relocate.

Mac is distraught when she learns that her new boyfriend may be leaving the Bay, and she worries if their relationship will be able to withstand the turmoil.

  1. Theo and Chloe scheme behind each other’s backs

Theo tries to make friends with Chloe and Ryder, but Ryder refuses to befriend the newbie to Summer Bay and orders him to go away. Ryder’s roughness irritates Chloe, so she decides to spend time with Theo instead.

Chloe tells Theo about her plans to throw Ryder a surprise 21st birthday party. When Ryder finds them in cahoots over their secret, Theo offers to help with the preparations, but Ryder gets the wrong notion and becomes apprehensive.


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