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How Orpheus Pledger went from Home And Away hunk to selfless hero in his biggest moments as Mason Morgan

There’s no disputing that Summer Bay should come with a notice to inhabitants that the coastal town is known for its high level of drama and scandal.

Few, if any, of our favourite characters from Home And Away have escaped the craziness and charm of their ostensibly tranquil town.

However, it appears that Orpheus Pledger’s cherished character Mason Morgan, performed by Orpheus Pledger, was dealt with more disorder than most. After all, few people have had a terribly heroic exit like his.

And that isn’t even the end of his tale.

We’re reliving his Home And Away alter ego’s biggest moments as the star returns to our screens for SAS: Australia.

Rocky arrival

It’s uncommon that a new Summer Bay character arrives without a grand debut or a raised eyebrow from the locals. So you can imagine how memorable it was when the Morgan brothers, Justin, Brody, and Mason, all arrived at the same time.

After their parents were assassinated, the brother was forced into witness protection and joined his sister, Tori, in Summer Bay. But not before nearly colliding with Ash in the car on the way into town!

As Justin and Ash attempted to have it out – twice! – Mason was forced to intervene. Fortunately, Tori informed Ash of the incident as soon as they arrived, and all was forgiven.

Disaster strikes

Our favourite Summer Bay inhabitants were on a trip for Tori’s birthday when their plane tragically crashed in one of the show’s most shocking events.

Billie, Irene, Orpheus, Tori, Brody, Duncan, Nate, Leah, and Evie were left alone in the desert after the harrowing ordeal.

Orpheus was gravely burned while attempting to defend Evie, but after being separated from Tori, he was charged with caring for pregnant Billie, as he was the only one in the core group with a medical experience.

Fortunately, they were rescued in time, allowing everyone to safely return home.

Shock paralysis

Brody’s heroin addiction wrecked havoc on the Morgan family, but none more so than Mason, Brody’s younger brother.

Mason attempted to drive Brody to treatment after a long battle. Brody panicked when he saw they were being followed and grabbed the steering wheel, forcing the car to crash.

Mason, who had a neck injury and was put on life support, was on the verge of passing away. While he recovered, he was temporarily paralysed, and he blamed Brody for his severe condition.

Star-crossed lover

Mason was depressed as he struggled to recover from his wounds. Until he met Beth, a lovely nurse.

Beth, on the other hand, wasn’t a nurse at all; she was a patient with fatal cardiomyopathy, as he quickly discovered.

The couple instantly fell in love and began checking off items on Beth’s bucket list.

Time was running short for Beth, who was in and out of hospitals and depended on an organ donation to stay alive.

Even after they located a donor, the family was hesitant to consent, and it was sadly too late when Beth fell during a meal on the beach.

Mason decided to retire from medicine after Beth’s tragic death.

Last heroic act

Mason’s departure was painful and unselfish, as befitting a hero.

A deadly gang had taken over the hospital in a terrifying siege in the 2019 season finale.

One of the gang’s gunmen snapped when he – along with Alex, Jasmine, Mackenzie, and Marilyn – stood up to them. Mason was killed by a bullet.


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