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Home and Away star ‘nervous’ about reaction to ‘confronting’ scenes

Emily Symons of Home and Away has expressed her concern about the public’s reaction to “confronting” sequences she’s shooting in which her character Marilyn Chambers transforms into a new person after suffering from organophosphate poisoning at a black-tie event.

The 52-year-old actress told TV Week that she was “shocked” when she learned what was in store for Marilyn, but that after conducting her own research, she discovered that the sort of poisoning is a “very real thing.”

She said that following organophosphate poisoning, there are changes in the brain and behaviour, but everything else remains normal.

Being the nastier version of her character “had to be pulled out of me,” Emily noted.

She added, “This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever done as Marilyn.” “It’s a completely different Marilyn, which has been quite difficult for me to portray since she’s become second nature to me.”

“Having to construct another [version of the] character all of a sudden… certain days, I was like, ‘I can’t say that – it’s so nasty.’ But I needed to go there in order for the plot to function.”

Emily equated situations with Lynne McGranger where she had to shout at her to “fighting with your closest friend” and apologised after every take.


She described it as “confronting.” “However, it was an excellent acting training. I was portraying Marilyn’s polar opposite. All of her personality attributes vanished, and she’s now combative, angry, and enraged with John [Shane Withington]. The workers appreciated the change of pace.”

Emily stated, “I’m a little concerned” about the viewers’ reaction to the new Marilyn, but added that she hoped they would understand.

It comes after a’spoiler’ on Wikipedia claimed to reveal that fan favourite Ada Nicodemou, AKA Leah Patterson, will be leaving the programme in 2021, shocking fans.

“I assume Leah will quit the show or something happens to her since it states on here this year she’s finished with Home and Away,” a fan said in a Facebook group, attaching an image of the Wikipedia article.

Each of the current characters on the programme is listed on the website, along with their actor and duration, with Ada’s reading ‘2000-2021.’

A lot of admirers responded to the post in the comments section, with the majority expressing their displeasure with it.

“I hope not,” one individual said, “but anything may happen.” “Take a look at Tori Morgan’s situation.”

“The Bay will be much missed,” said another, while another added, “Justin has had so much terrible luck, he needs to be happy.”

Other commenters dispelled the rumour by pointing out that Ada’s contract with the programme was only recently extended.

In June, the actress confirmed the storey to New Idea, stating that she will not be leaving anytime soon.

Ada’s character is still alive, according to the Wikipedia entry.


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