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Home and Away Dana star Ally Harris teases huge change after terrifying kidnap ordeal

Ally Harris, who plays Dana Matheson on Home and Away, has hinted at a significant development for the character.

Fans of Channel 5 were recently introduced to Dana, a police wanted person for narcotics possession. Persuaded that Dana was being set up, her sister Harper Matheson (Jessica Redmayne) begged Cash to check into her case while keeping her hidden at Irene’s home.

In Monday’s (October 30) episode of the soap opera, Detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) abducted Dana and imprisoned her in a deserted cabin. It was soon discovered that Madden had planned to kill her. Dana survived the attack while Madden and his goon were taken into custody, even though she received a fatal amount of fentanyl.

Actress Ally promised a lighter road for her character, Dana, who has only known drama since moving to the Bay. “One of the directors compared it to being like a repertory theatre company where, instead of doing different plays and playing different people, it’s like you stay as Hamlet but in different genres,” Ally said in an interview with

It’s quite thrilling. My role on the show started off as more of a criminal, but now it’s moving towards comedy and other genres. Seeing the same individual in several contexts is quite entertaining. The actress, who is originally from Perth, disclosed that she has agreed to a three-year contract with the soap opera and that she intends to bring herself to Dana in the character.

“I just bring as much of myself to work every time I work,” the soap opera star continued. Since I will remain in this planet for a long time, I want to resemble myself as much as possible. The script dictates what I have to do, so obviously the conditions are different, but that’s terrific because it’s a fantastic exercise in self-discovery.

“I wouldn’t do it, but if I did, why did I do it?’ you say. Why would I act in such way? You discover a new aspect of yourself that actually accomplishes that.


Things seemed to be improving for Dana as she recovered in the hospital and the charges against her were about to be dropped. Irene, however, is not in the same situation as Rose (Kirsty Marillier), who promptly reminded her that harbouring a fugitive may result in jail time.

With a shocking revelation, Rose informed Irene that she thought the DPP would like to file charges against Irene, Harper, and Cash. If that happens, they might all have to serve time in jail.

Irene was concerned about being charged with a crime on Wednesday’s (November 1) show. But Irene later confessed to John that the females had no choice but to repeat the action if necessary.


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