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Sophie Dillman reveals the dark side of working on Home and Away: ‘I used to cry outside Woolies’

The most challenging aspect of working on the program, according to former Home and Away star Sophie Dillman, was being targeted by angry viewers.

The disclosure was made in a Yahoo Lifestyle article by the actress, 29, who played Ziggy Astoni on the show. During her time on the show, Sophie called out the “keyboard warriors” who harassed her and her close friends online.

In comments on my Instagram, spineless keyboard warriors have assaulted and harassed my friends by calling them derogatory names, spreading false information, and threatening people, Sophie claimed.

The actress continued by criticizing the press for making her ‘tear hysterically’ when they commented on her appearance.

Former Home and Away star Sophie Dillman (left) says being targeted by disgruntled fans was the hardest part of working on the show. Pictured here with on and off screen boyfriend, Patrick O’Connor

I’ve had embarrassing pieces written about me (particularly my appearance) that have caused me to break down in tears in front of Woolworths at Westfield, she continued.

She also slammed the media for making her work so difficult.

“Interviewers have questioned me in ways that are blatantly inappropriate, and I’ve had to respond without sobbing or fleeing.” In essence, it can be incredibly difficult,” she remarked.

It follows the explanation Dillman and her 30-year-old boyfriend Patrick O’Connor gave for leaving Home and Away.

Speaking recently to TV Week, the two said that their roles had lost their appeal following a protracted run on the screen.

It was time to open a new chapter since “we both did everything we could with our characters,” Dillman added.

She described the action as “emotional,” but added that the couple was up for a new challenge.

It’s emotional and heartbreaking, but we realize how fortunate we are to have had such a successful career, she continued.

Speaking to TV Week recently the pair said their characters had run out of steam after a long run on screen. ‘We have both done ever


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