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Actress Courtney Clarke joins Channel 7’s Home and Away

The Paper Dolls breakout star is set to make her arrival in the Bay.

Former Hi-5 player Courtney Clarke is due to appear on Channel 7’s Home and Away.

The Australian actress, who was most recently seen in the film Paper Dolls, is scheduled to visit Summer Bay in the upcoming weeks, but the program has not revealed the identity of her role.

Actors Ada Nicodemou, James Stewart, and Matt Evans have been working closely with Clarke, who has disclosed how she was greeted on the Home and Away set.

She explains to of her first day, “I remember having no idea how the ship ran because it’s such a longstanding show, there are all sorts of things regarding how they shoot.”

“Ada was fantastic; she was joking around between takes, and I could see how at ease she was.”

Clarke later realised there was a reason for all the jokes, learning that it was Nicodemou’s thoughtful way of helping her relax on set.

“I didn’t realize she was doing everything to make me feel at ease until we were driving home from a shoot.

“She’s really smart; as we discussed some of the topics, I couldn’t help but wonder how this lively, petite woman could be so knowledgeable about nerdy stuff.”

The performers joked about with one another like family, and Clarke quickly noticed and shared some of their oddball customs and gags.

“When we were filming in the studio in the Morgan household area, there was a lot of silly banter and those play fights about where people had hidden their snacks on set.”

On the show, Nicodemou and Stewart play a couple named Leah and Justin. They made a joke about how actors aren’t allowed to leave their scripts or water bottles in their characters’ bedrooms while they’re filming.

Regarding the rule, Clarke states, “You have to respect it.”

“Ada, Justin and Matt are closer (than it appears on screen). It’s like that silly play that only actors get away with—being on set with a bunch of professional big kids.

“You can go ask anyone in the machine how you could be working better; it’s a really comfortable environment.”

“There were some outstanding actors who have been a part of the show for a long time.”

Clarke also joins her good friend Juliet Godwin who plays Dr Bree Cameron on the soap.

Godwin shared the news of Clarke’s arrival on the show on her Instagram, writing :“Welcome to the bay gawgus (gorgeous) gal”.

Nicodemou said, “Welcome to the bay beautiful girl”.


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