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Home and Away Spoilers – Tori gets exciting news about London

Tori gets great news about the job she applied for in London on next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK, but there’s a catch…

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) had no idea what she was getting herself and her soon-to-be husband Christian Green (Ditch Davey) into when she selected London as their honeymoon location.

As Tori bemoaned the fact that she’d only be able to spend a few weeks in such a beautiful city, Christian offered an alternative: why don’t they relocate to London?

Tori scoffed at the concept at first, but Christian proved his seriousness when he later came up with a long list of employment positions. If Tori truly want it, they could easily make it a reality.

Tori ultimately came around to the concept after some convincing, and when the right chance arose in the form of a post as Head of Emergency in a London hospital, Tori applied.

She didn’t tell her brother Justin (James Stewart) about her ideas at first since she thought it would never work out. But it wasn’t long until she realised she couldn’t keep it a secret any longer, and she was startled that he seemed to like the idea—she should dream big!

Tori was unaware, however, that Justin was similarly sceptical about her chances of landing the job. While his sister is an exceptional doctor, he reasoned with Leah (Ada Nicodemou) that there would be hundreds of applications—plus, many times the posts have already been filled internally and they only need to publicise as part of the process.

As a result, Tori was taken aback when she received a phone call asking her to an interview. Tori was meticulous in her preparations for the meeting, which was to take place the next day via video chat.

The only problem was that Tori had failed to account for Daylight Savings Time, so when the panel of physicians phoned an hour sooner than planned, Tori was still in her robe, it was all hands on deck! As Leah assisted Tori in looking decent, Justin was compelled to accept the phone, pretending as his sister’s secretary and employing different delaying tactics.

Despite the pandemonium, and despite Leah’s nephew Theo (Matt Evans) barging into the home mid-interview, Christian was certain that Tori had pleased the panel, and she began to see the bright side.

Christian is keeping hopeful this week and looking into various regions to relocate to in London, but Tori isn’t getting her hopes up. Christian wants them to be prepared, but Tori doesn’t want him to put them in jeopardy!

Tori returns her attention to the wedding when a potential venue that she and Christian had hoped for contacts her to inform her that there has been a cancellation in a few months. Christian wonders whether they should put a deposit down until they hear about London, but Tori doesn’t see the purpose in waiting for something that isn’t likely to happen.

Christian reluctantly admits that if the application had been approved, she would have heard by now, but enjoying their ideal wedding in Australia is a nice consolation prize.

Tori is taken aback when she receives an email later in the day informing her that she has been given the job! They can’t believe their luck—they’re headed to London! Calling Christian through to see the email for himself, the two can’t believe their luck—they’re off to London!

When Tori calls to accept the post, she discovers that everything is in place—they’ll have a relocation consultant, there’s already a seat saved at the creche for baby Grace…. but there’s a catch.

She’d have to get started in two weeks!

Tori, unhappy, tells Christian that she doesn’t believe she can accept the fact that they can’t just uproot their entire existence and go to the other side of the globe in a fortnight.

Tori points out that they would have to cancel all of their wedding preparations a second time since it is simply too much.

Christian, on the other hand, feels she’s underestimating herself—capable she’s of accomplishing everything she sets her mind to, and this chance proves it.

Tori calls London back, her confidence restored, and she joyfully takes the employment. However, although Christian envisions a London wedding as a wonderful way to welcome them to their new home, Tori wants their relatives to be present. That means they’ll have to marry the following week in Summer Bay!

Tori and Christian joyfully inform Justin and Leah of their good news, but when Tori explains that she will begin in a few weeks, Justin quickly excuses himself and returns to the garage, vowing that they would celebrate later.

Justin is having a hard time dealing with the news, even if Tori isn’t aware of it.

Leah sneaks away from the festivities to check on Justin, knowing that he was meant to have done his job for the day.

While Justin is thrilled for Tori, he acknowledges that she acting as if she had no chance of landing the job meant he hadn’t prepared himself for this eventuality.

While Justin is concerned that he may say something hurtful to Tori, Leah advises him to be honest about how he is feeling and to make the most of the time he has with his sister. Justin recognises that she is correct, but it will be difficult.

When Tori eventually gets up with Justin, he doesn’t have time to speak with her before she asks him a crucial question: would he marry her at the wedding next week?

But when Justin responds, it isn’t at all what Tori expected….


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