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Home and Away: Dean takes a shot at Logan after he leaves Mac heartbroken

Mackenzie made an ultimatum to her partner, and now she’s hurt and alone. This week, Dean, Logan’s protective brother, takes a shot at him.

Mackenzie (Emily Weir) goes home in Home And Away after urging Logan (Harley Bonner) to choose between her and Neve (Sophie Bloom). He chose his ex-girlfriend, much to her dismay. But he claims it’s just to help her with her PTSD.

After returning from active duty in Afghanistan, Neve went missing, leading everyone, including Logan, to believe she was dead. She’s now in Summer Bay, where she’s having trouble controlling her emotions.

“Logan adores Neve and looks after her. It was initially romantic, but as time has passed, it has evolved into a platonic relationship “Emily tells TV WEEK about it. “However, he still feels obligated to assist her.”

Mac bumps into Logan at Salt, who says that he misses her but can’t abandon Neve. The truth hits Mac hard, and she seeks help from her brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor). Instead, he starts his engine and drives to the motel where Logan and Neve are staying.

Logan is welcomed with a fist to the face as he answers the door! Before storming off, Dean cautions him not to tamper with Mac’s heart.

Logan tries to explain himself to Mac at the surf club, but she won’t listen because she’s calling the army to report Neve’s whereabouts and precarious condition. Things have gotten out of hand.

Emily writes, “Mac is tense and concerned about what Neves’ presence would do to her and Logan’s relationship.”

Neve, who is standing nearby, hears every word and escapes. Her panic, however, triggers a PTSD episode. In an attempt to regain control, she returns to the surf club and confronts Mac! Logan and police officer Cash see the assault and promptly intervene.

Is Neve going to be okay? Is this actually the conclusion of Mac and Logan’s journey? It appears to be the case.


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