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Home and Away Spoilers – The race is on to save Tane and Felicity

Tane and Felicity are abducted and tied up this week on Home and Away in Australia, and things are looking grim for them. What surprises does Anne have planned for them?

These moments will be seen by UK audiences early next year.

What began as a few seemingly sweet red flowers left for Tane (Ethan Browne) by a hidden admirer he mistook for Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has turned into weeks of stalking charges, an AVO, and an attack that has left Tane on life support. But there’s still more to come!


Tane’s secret admirer seemed to be seeking vengeance for something, so he knocked him unconscious with a sedative before spraying the gym with organophosphate, an insecticide that also has some nasty side effects in humans!

Even then, it appears that almost murdering Tane wasn’t enough. The stalker, who has now been revealed to be Felicity’s friend Anne (Megan Smart), makes their most daring move yet this week.

Felicity found out at the end of last week that her closest friend had attacked Tane at the gym, thereby injuring dozens of others at Martha’s benefit.


Flick approached Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and told him the truth. Cash, however, was unable to persuade Detective Nasser (Julian Maroun) to investigate Anne due to a lack of evidence.

Nasser had just discovered a bottle of sedatives in Felicity’s caravan, the identical ones that had knocked Tane unconscious!

He had enough evidence to prosecute Felicity, but she was nowhere to be found when he arrived at the Caravan Park to arrest her. Worse, her belongings had vanished, giving the impression that she had left town.

Even Cash couldn’t deny that Felicity appeared to be guilty, and for the first time, he began to suspect that she was to blame.

He keeps attempting to contact his sister as the new week begins, but he always receives voicemail. As the hours pass, he becomes increasingly certain that she is guilty and has fled.

“Cash is concerned when Flick goes missing,” Nicholas told TV Week. “He’s seen his sister fight monsters in the past, but nothing like this.”

Flick hasn’t actually shot through. Anne has abducted her, and she’s been chained to a chair in an abandoned cabin by her former best friend and coworker. Oh, no!

Anne doesn’t seem prepared to risk a prison sentence by having Felicity around now that she knows the truth. She sedates her and binds her in the decaying structure, and it appears that she will go to any length to keep Felicity quiet.

When Flick wakes up, the first words she hears are ominous: “Miss me?” What exactly does Anne want from her?

But there’s one piece of the puzzle that’s missing: Tane. He’s the reason Felicity is in such a pickle, and Anne realises she can use her friend as bait to draw Tane, her actual objective, to the abandoned building.

She gave him another red rose last week, along with a card that said, “See you soon.” That time appears to have arrived.

Tane had already come to the conclusion that Felicity was not to fault. He knew she would never assault a whole building full of people simply because he had rejected her, and he was the first to realise anything was wrong. When Anne contacts him, he realises Flick is in trouble and hurries to assist her.

Unfortunately, he underestimates who he’s dealing with, and nearly as soon as he enters the building, he’s knocked out with powerful sedatives. Is he ever going to learn?!

Soon later, he awakens to find himself tethered to a wooden pillar with his legs bound, with Felicity on the neighbouring pillar in the same situation.

As the two battle, Anne begins preparing the chemicals that would put them to death, ensuring that only the three of them are aware of the reality.

She also reveals why she was seeking for Tane in the first place, and we’re excited to hear what she has to say. Isn’t there more to this than their fortuitous meeting at the club on Ryder’s 21st birthday? What made her fall in love with Tane in the first place?

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is getting anxious back in Summer Bay, where Tane is fresh out of the hospital and already missing. When he tells Cash the news, the Senior Constable realises that the two disappearances must be linked; Tane’s sister is likely to be somewhere.

According to TV Week, their inquiry led them to the abandoned shack. In this Thursday’s triple bill, they stealthily approach the building, but it’s a race against time.

Inside, Anne is donning a hazmat suit and preparing to release the deadly chemicals that might put Tane and Felicity’s lives in jeopardy.

Will they be able to make it on time?


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