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Home and Away spoilers: Logan and Mackenzie in trouble after her Ari heartbreak?

After learning that her ex-partner and good friend Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) had died of cancer, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) has been left reeling.

She breaks down crying and her anguish is great when she hears Dean (Patrick O’Connor) and Logan (Harley Bonner) discussing it. Logan is concerned – how did she ever know Ari in the first place?

Logan is astonished – and frightened for new reasons – when Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) informs him that Ari and Mackenzie have a romantic history. Mackenzie is acting as if she is grieving over someone with whom she is still in love, according to him. What does this imply for their romance?

Mackenzie is unable to provide him with clear answers, and she prefers not to discuss the matter at all.

She informs Logan that she requires privacy. Despite the fact that they’ve agreed on a new honesty policy following Neve’s (Sophie Bloom) death, she doesn’t need him to be overbearing.

Logan refuses to believe Mackenzie can cope with her loss on her alone, and in Salt, he separates Ryder (Lukas Radovich) from Mackenzie.

He offers him his phone number and tells him to call him later to see how Mackenzie is doing. Ryder is hesitant to spy on his boss, but he grabs his phone number nonetheless.


Later, Ryder attempts to call Logan’s number, but Mackenzie stands next to him, leaving Ryder to pretend to refuse a booking from a customer.

Mackenzie is enraged – when did they start referring clients to the Diner? When Logan walks into the bar and asks Ryder how things are going, Mackenzie quickly figures out what they’re up to – and she’s not happy…


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