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Home and Away returns with a bang for 2022



This week’s episode of Home and Away kicked off with Mia (Anna Samson) being pursued by Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Summer Bay’s resident cop, who knows Matthew’s body is hidden in the boot of her car.

Mia was about to continue covering for Chloe when her fiancé Ari (Rob Kipa Williams) confessed to Cash that he was the one who killed Chloe’s father, allowing Mia to be released. Will Chloe, on the other hand, come clean? Who else will find out about Chloe’s hidden crime?

We also returned to Ryder (Lukas Radovich) who was buried alive in last year’s nail-biting season finale in a social media challenge gone wrong. His only way to freedom was Theo (Matt Evans), who had taken a tumble and was lying motionless in the bush.

With oxygen levels running dangerously low, and no one aware of their whereabouts, luck looks to have run out for Ryder and Theo.

Ryder, unsure anyone will find him in time, tries to escape himself but pushing on the coffin lid only results in him being covered in dirt. After realising that his time is up, he says his final goodbyes.

Meanwhile, Martha’s (Belinda Giblin) choice to decline Roo’s offer of a kidney donation perplexes Alf (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker) Stewart. While Martha claims that twice-weekly dialysis isn’t too unpleasant, Alf and Roo are baffled as to why she would refuse the chance to live a normal life.


Logan (Harley Bonner) and McKenzie (Emily Weir), Summer Bay’s hot doc, rekindle their romance, but can they make it work after a secret kiss is uncovered and Logan’s history comes back to haunt him when a’mysterious woman’ arrives in town threatening to destroy Logan?

Familiar face set to return to Home and Away
Also, there may be a familiar face returning to the Bay – someone last seen on the show in 2005! Leah’s older brother Dimitri Poulos, played by Salvatore Coco, is rumoured to be returning to check in on his son Theo.

Salvatore was pretty cryptic when posting on Instagram his latest acting job but fans were pretty quick to recognise the majestic pines at Palm Beach where Home and Away is filmed.

“So Theo’s dad is back to come and play in the bay, got it in one,” Misspollydolly wrote. “My lips are sealed,” Salvatore replied.

According to a filming schedule seen by BacktotheBay, Dimitri will be causing issues with Leah again, as she has to take the difficult decision to ‘report’ her brother for an unknown misdemeanour.

And after that leak, Salvatore did admit the return. “Well so much for trying to keep this hush …hush …the cat is out of the bag,


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