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Home and Away brings in new character for Justin plot

He makes an effort to assist strange teen Andrew.

Spoilers for UK viewers of Home and Away are below.

The interesting new character is introduced to Home and Away viewers in the UK the following week.

Young actor Joshua Hewson will make his debut in upcoming Channel 5 scenes as Andrew Lawrence, a disturbed adolescent who is welcomed home by Justin Morgan and Leah Patterson.

Recently, Andrew has been seen on Australian television, but Channel 5’s broadcasts are currently nearly two months behind.

As part of his community service obligations, Justin starts the plot by clearing out a house.

Someone from a nearby residence slips a note into Justin’s backpack asking for help while he is preoccupied with his job.

When Justin later looks into the note, he is alarmed to discover Andrew, a teenager, lying on the floor of the house.

Since Andrew doesn’t appear to have anybody else to turn to, Justin calls an ambulance for him and remains by his side at the hospital.

Even though Andrew is severely undernourished and dehydrated, it is obvious that he is scared of being in the hospital because he won’t talk to anyone and seems anxious about getting medical attention.

Justin is the only one to whom Andrew will respond, and he is able to obtain some evasive responses.

In addition to confirming his identity and age, Andrew reveals that he doesn’t know his birthday and isn’t typically permitted outside. When the police are mentioned, he likewise becomes frightened.

After being evaluated by a psychologist, it was discovered that Andrew possesses the social and emotional capabilities of a 9-year-old.

Bree Cameron, a local doctor, subsequently decides that Andrew doesn’t need to stay in the hospital, but since no one was home when he was discovered, it’s not obvious where he will go next.

After receiving Leah’s approval, Justin immediately says that Andrew is welcome to stay with him. But have Justin and Leah invited trouble into their house if there are so many unanswered questions?


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