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Home and Away spoilers: new arrival, Mackenzie health news and Leah car crash horror

Supporters of both teams will be riveted as the drama unfolds in the next week.

Mackenzie is lying unconscious on Salt’s floor when Cash and Xander start to act. Before she is transported to the hospital, Xander looks for a pulse, and Cash takes the defib from the Surf Club.

Cash questions Felicity about the events that preceded Mackenzie’s demise. She lashes out at her brother, letting him know that she is aware that Tane is having affairs. Felicity lashes out as Tane enters the hospital, but Bree makes them leave.

Mackenzie doesn’t want to hear Felicity’s apology when she shows up at her bedside, so she pushes her friend away. Dr. Levi Fowler, a cardiothoracic surgeon, arrives to the hospital in the meanwhile and requests Bree.

When Dana hears that Levi has arrived, she tells Irene how wonderful he is and assures her that Mackenzie is in excellent care. When Mac wakes up, she panics, but Levi calms her down and demonstrates his skill in patient care.

Following her surgery, Levi informs that Mackenzie has an arterial tear when she awakens. Dana acknowledges that Levi used to work at her former hospital when Harper questions her about their relationship.

Dana is taken aback when Levi recognises her at work. However, she is pleased when he shows no interest in the rumours surrounding her exit.

Justin arranges a romantic evening in with Leah across the bay. But Rose calls to tell him that Leah was in an accident, throwing off his plan.

After Leah’s horrific tragedy, Justin runs to her side, but before they can speak, Rose says she needs to breathalyse her. Even when Leah’s tests yield unambiguous results, Justin and Rose are still worried.

Once home, Leah acknowledges that she was at fault for the accident because she dozed off while driving. Then, when Justin pursues her for more details, she loses her temper.

Rose asks Leah why she ran a red light when she stops by the next day. After hearing her justification, Rose says she will not pursue legal action. Leah is visibly upset, especially with Justin for insisting on getting additional information.


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