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EXCLUSIVE: Georgie Parker celebrates 40 years of acting

Georgie Parker may be expected to be carrying an ego when she arrives on set to celebrate the milestone with New Idea after spending four decades in the spotlight. But it turns out that her main ‘demands’ are for “a weak flat white” for Stevie Wonder to be playing loud!

Since she first appeared on television in A Country Practise as Lucy Gardiner, New Idea has followed Georgie’s career. After 40 years, she has found herself in a very awkward situation. Her Home and Away character Roo was blown up by a bomb that a dishonest skincare firm put, and her life is now in danger. Even though it’s heavy, Georgie maintains that it’s all in a day’s work.

“You really only have to respond to the environment – there’s not too much acting involved … you’re injured!” says Georgie.

With a laugh she adds her previous roles as both a fire fighter and nurse prepared her for the “very hot” takes.

While some fans aren’t happy about Roo’s situation, Georgie says taking time off from the show was crucial to ensure she could follow her passion for theatre.

“I need to be able to spread my wings whenever I can. I just needed to make sure I could have time out,” she says.

From roles in Scenes From a Separation and Chapter Two, to her most recent run in Rhinestone Rex and Miss Monica, Georgie makes it clear that being on stage is what makes her heart flutter.

While Home and Away is notorious for shock deaths and sudden exits, Georgie confesses that making the decision to one day say goodbye for good is a tough one. If not for the diehard fans who would have her head, she also has her on-screen dad and lifelong friend, Ray Meagher, to think about.

“I would find it difficult to go anywhere else because Ray is my mate. My character is so closely linked to him,” says Georgie, who insists playing the “wonderful” relationship they have is sacred.

“Ray and I get along really well, I love his company, I really value it. While he’s there, I can’t imagine wanting to be anywhere else.

“I do need to go and do other things, I’m just lucky that they do let me.”

Georgie claims that she could never have predicted the heights she would achieve when she began her career in 1983.

“You just don’t have the luxury of thinking about what you’re going to be doing next,” she says.

“It is a pretty difficult job to do; often, it has nothing to do with your talent and doesn’t always benefit you. Simply put, the stars must line up.

Georgie, 58, recalls her early days on stage and acknowledges that not everyone was always her biggest admirer.

She replies with sincerity, “I definitely had some horrible auditions. “You just have to say, ‘Well, I’ll bloody show you,’ when people would doubt my abilities, and happily I did!

“I recall a musical’s premiere night. I was aware that two of the individuals I had unpleasant experiences with were present. I adored it, too! She exclaims, breaking into laughter, “I got be like,’suck on that, buddy!'” You understand what I mean? It’s imperative that you have a strong constitution.

Georgie claims to have worked hard to shed her numerous well-known personas, but she is ecstatic to announce that she now believes people accept her for who she is. Respecting her want for seclusion is part of this.

Georgie continues to be happily married to Steve Worland and is the mother of their grown daughter Holly, but she reaffirms a decision she made in the past: they are both off bounds.

“My husband is a scriptwriter and an introvert. We’ve had a few pictures taken, but he just isn’t into pictures. I always assumed I would give my daughter the option to be in a public place, but she just isn’t that kind of person,” the mother says.

“This is the right decision for me, even though I feel like such a hypocrite because I enjoy nothing more than browsing through online photos of my friends and their children, but I had to give the people in my life a choice,” she said. They simply aren’t comfortable, and I’m pleased I did since they detest it.

With her family by her side, Georgie hopes to be working “for many more decades to come”. Ideally she’d love a new scripted drama – and not “abhorrent” reality TV, as she puts it.

“I understand the allure but … it’s an unskilled format where you have people who aren’t particularly skilled at anything other than trying to get attention for themselves,” she says bluntly.

Georgie admits all she has tolerance for is the SBS survival series, Alone, as she can happily curl up in a ball and watch “real people”.


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