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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin arrested after Ava cries wolf

In order to get Theo’s attention, Ava will pretend to be in danger on the upcoming episode of Home and Away in the UK. This will result in a savage attack and Justin’s arrest.

Ava’s (Annabel Wolfe) duplicity has disastrous effects for her father Justin (James Stewart) as Home and Away prepares for its 8000th episode later in the week.

Ava’s love with Lyrik frontman Theo (Matt Evans) has recently been made clear to Justin in several episodes thanks to some suggestive pictures she covertly posted online while wearing one of Theo’s shirts.

To Theo’s amusement, when questioned, a misguided Ava tried to persuade Justin that she and Theo were secretly in love with one another.

However, Justin was no longer believing her falsehoods and wondered whether she ought to visit a therapist. Ava sneaked out that evening to visit the Lyrik residence, where she desecrated the living room and tore up Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) journal.

The following day, when Theo finally met up with Ava, she was fiercely accusing him of leading her on only to gaslight her because of his insistence that he was in love with Kirby.

A worried surfer who was driving by in his Kombi van asked Ava if she was being harassed as she tore into Theo.

Theo was terrified as Ava boarded Conor’s (Tom Dawson) van after asking him if he could give her a ride. Conor merely gave him a warning to back off and the two drove off after he tried to stop her.

The next week, after learning about the incident from Theo, Justin hurriedly calls Ava and leaves voicemails while pressing Theo for information regarding the vehicle and its driver.

Justin is furious to discover Theo talking with Kirby along the side of the road when he should be out looking for Ava while driving around the bay in search of the mystery van.

Theo reveals that this was the cause of his feeling that he had to confront Ava when Kirby tells Justin about how Ava destroyed the house.

Justin confronts Theo and demands to know why he didn’t approach him first because he is aware of how delicate his daughter’s mental state has become. Theo offers to accompany Justin to the police station, but Justin declines, saying that he has already done enough.

Conor looks to actually care about Ava as the two park up next to the shore, in contrast to everyone else’s fears to the contrary. Ava tells Conor that Theo is her ex-boyfriend as she comes back from the toilet block after freshening up.

Ava asks Conor if she may stay in his van while he goes surfing because she doesn’t want to go home.

Ava notices the missed calls and messages from Theo and Justin after Connor informs her that her phone has been ringing while she has been away but decides to disregard them.

When Rose (Kirsty Marillier) informs Justin at the police station that it sounds like Ava just requested a ride of her own free will and that there is consequently no actual fear for the 16-year-old, Justin is further driven into despair.

Theo and Kirby decide to message Ava on her 1’3Theo social media account after Justin gets home and angrily accuses Theo of chasing her away. Theo sending her a message is intended to get her attention as they have both had her blocked up until now.

Ava can’t continue to hide out in his van indefinitely since Conor needs to move on, so he asks her what her plans are after he gets back from surfing.

Before getting in the shower, he asks Ava to consider whether she wants him to drive her home. However, when Ava gets the message from Theo asking if she’s okay and apologising, she thinks she can take advantage of the situation.

Ava responds with a message that sounds frantic, “HELP! “, hoping that Theo will show up and be her knight in shining armour. I’m afraid! I am unable to leave.

However, her strategy backfires when a map appears showing Ava’s precise location just as a panicked Theo rushes to deliver Justin the message.

After taking a shower, Conor returns to his van as Justin approaches in his car. As Conor puts on his shirt and looks down at an ostensibly terrified Ava resting in the back of his van, Justin makes an incorrect assumption.

Conor is knocked out cold by a punch from Justin, and Ava can only watch in fear.

Ava yells for Justin to stop as he pulls Conor back up out of vengeance, only to send him crashing over a neighbouring vehicle bonnet.

Justin is eventually held by a bystander as he keeps savagely striking the man he thinks attacked his daughter.

Soon after arriving, police officers Rose and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) tend to a seriously injured Conor while Cash yanks Justin away.

Justin tries to explain that Conor touched Ava as Rose calls for an ambulance, but he is shocked when Cash arrests him for assault.

A terrified Ava informs Theo that it was supposed to be HIM who came to save her, not Justin, at the Yabbie Creek Police Station as Justin is being brought in for interrogation.

Rose later concedes that Conor done nothing wrong and that she had lied in her message to Theo when she brings Ava home.

When Justin later finds out that Conor, who is still in the hospital, won’t be charged, he is furious. But Justin is shocked to learn from Cash and Rose that he truly attacked an innocent guy and that Ava was only trying to get Theo’s attention.

After being charged with assault causing great bodily harm, Justin is required to spend the night in jail as he waits to find out if he will be allowed bail.

Will Justin end up in jail due to Ava’s lies?


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