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Detail in photo of former Home and Away star sparks wild fan theory

Perhaps the game was revealed by a recent selfie taken in a makeup trailer.

The possibility of Courtney Miller returning to Home and Away in 2023 has been raised by a little detail in one of her selfies.

Bella Nixon’s actor, Miller, left the well-liked drama in June after four years.

However, a recent selfie taken in a cosmetics trailer may have given away the fact that a return is rumoured.

Miller can be seen in it grinning while seated on a makeup chair in front of a variety of cosmetics.

But a wall plastered in actor headshots from Home and Away is in the background.

As soon as Miller uploaded the photo to Instagram, astute users immediately noticed the background detail.


One fan asked, “Is that the Home and Away wall?”

Another person remarked, “I think she’s coming back to Home and Away.”

Others even offered hypothetical 2023 narrative scenarios.

“I’m assuming Bella will bring Nikau with her when she returns… I really hope so,” one fan said in reference to Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who plays Bella’s boyfriend.

They had the cutest chemistry.

One supporter commented, “Good, I hope Courtney comes back, I adore her boys.”

Another person commented, “Someone must be back in the bay for her Nik.”

Others, though, were certain that this image was vintage.

One supporter argued that photos were a flashback.

“Flashback? With a recent Logies photo in the background,” added another.

Miller’s caption contained no spoilers.

She wrote, “60s r back in,” referring to the style of her hair and makeup.

Photographer Bella, played by Courtney, departs Summer Bay for New York in search of an intriguing work opportunity.

Fans, however, seem to be very excited at the prospect of Bella’s job in New York not working out, paving the way for her to move back to Summer Bay.

Are Bella and NIKAU reconciling again? An enthusiastic fan wrote.


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