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Home and Away Spoilers – John plans a Surf Club revamp

As Mali unveils a new look for the board shop on Home and Away in the UK the next week, John is motivated to redesign the surf club.

When Mali (Kyle Shilling) reveals his transformation next week, John (Shane Withington) will likely experience some jealousy. However, this isn’t a case of perm envy; rather, it’s the surf club’s recently renovated board shop.

As he formally reopens the store under its new name, Manta Ray Boards—a nod to his hometown of Mantaray Point—Mali is beaming with excitement.

When John arrives to the club and finds Mali playing music outside, he is less than thrilled. However, Mali quickly wins JP over and offers to give him a special tour of the new look board shop.

When John snatches some of the buffet food offered by Mackenzie (Emily Weir), he is even more amazed with the renovation than he already is.

Alf (Ray Meagher), the president of the surf club, praises the renovated store a lot and says it has given the establishment new life.

John instantly feels somewhat inadequate as he thinks that his juice and gelato bar is now looking a little worn in comparison after hearing Alf’s comments, something he rarely receives of himself. and that is totally unacceptable!

The following day, John approaches Mali to see if he’d mind helping with a new design for the juice bar to help the club feel even more fresh after giving it some thought that evening.

Mali is happy to assist, but only for a fee.

John had hoped he would be able to ask for a favour, but Mali makes it clear that any work must be paid for, and asks him to let him know if he’d like a quote.

John decides to create the design himself because he is aware that the club couldn’t afford to pay Mali. But when he solicits Mali’s input on some concepts, Mali is unable to conceal his reservations. John obviously has no knowledge in interior design!

John finds a challenge when speaking to Alf, despite getting his OK to move forward with the juice bar refresh (must have caught him at a good time!).

Alf explains to him all the hurdles he must first clear, such as remaining within budget and giving all the design information up front.

Mali overhears the exchange and decides after witnessing a dejected John recognise he’s in over his head.

Clearly irritated Later that day, John is preoccupied with his moodboards as Mali departs with a wry smile. John finally gives up as he returns to his office and throws all of his ideas into the trash.

However, he soon discovers a file on his desk with the inscription “For John, on the house, c/o Manta Ray Boards” attached.

John discovers a proposal booklet that Mali created for “JP’s Juice Bar,” complete with colour charts and 3D models.

What a genuinely good guy Mali is, and he has warmed John’s heart to the core.

Six years of Ben’s Boards, which were first introduced by Ben Astoni (Rohan Nichol) in late 2018, have come to an end with the introduction of Manta Ray Boards.

Ben (Patrick O’Connor) was given ownership of the board shop by Ben when he asked Dean (Kestie Morassi) to take over the business after Ben and his wife Maggie (Kestie Morassi) left Summer Bay in 2020.

EP 7021 Ben (R.NICHOL) has made progress with shop with Maggie (K.MORASSI)

Earlier this year, when it was Dean’s turn to go from Summer Bay with Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), Dean handed the reins to Mali by giving him the company with Ben’s blessing.

While Dean chose to maintain the Ben’s Boards name, logo, and aesthetic after Ben left, Mali has made the decision to start over by adding his own touch to things.

The former brand was only nine episodes away from achieving the 1,000-episode mark when Ben’s Boards debuted in episode 7025 and Manta Ray Boards made its first appearance in episode 8016.


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