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Home and Away’s Xander Delaney to resolve Rose and Mali mystery

Next week, after her lover Mali Hudson is the target of an attack on his home, Xander Delaney from Home and Away will turn out to be crucial in helping his sister Rose solve a significant mystery.

Rose will attempt to surprise Mali with a romantic dinner at the farmhouse later this week, but the occasion is destroyed when the two enter the room and discover it to be a complete mess, with the words “Stay away from my wife” written violently on the tablecloth.

Rose and Mali attempt to comprehend the shocking crime, which was obviously unprovoked, in scenes that will run on Channel 5 in the UK the following week. Mali claims he has no idea who could have gotten into his home or why, while police officer Rose reports the event to her colleagues.

After arriving at work, a uniformed Rose is required to fulfil her role and formally interrogate her partner about the incident, leaving Mali with a negative impression.

However, it appears that the mystery has been resolved when Xander provides a fresh tip, indicating that everything was just a big mistake.

Xander explains that a woman’s husband became envious when she flirted with him while he was teaching a surf lesson on the beach. The man believed Xander to be Mali since he thought Mali was the face of the surf industry. With this bogus information in hand, he tracked down Mali’s residence and, furious, destroyed it.

Mali and Rose may now be at peace because the confusion is ended.

Mali’s house event left Xander feeling guilty, and he wants to find a way to make it up to him. But after persistently bugging the couple, he finally relents.

But Xander still has a cunning plan in store. Rose and Mali are shocked to find a romantic meal for two, replete with roses, ready for them when they get home.

Love is in the air for the couple as they enjoy their surprise supper because it is obvious that Xander has finally discovered a way to assist them.

But who will speak those important words—”I love you”—first?


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