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Home and Away spoilers: Why is Flick sabotaging things with Tane?

Felicity informed her husband that she was ready for a kid, but this week it comes to light what her true goals are.
Tane (Ethan Browne) had pressured his wife to have a family ever since their wedding. Although Flick (Jacqui Purvis) had no intention of having children, she was first hesitant to attempt, but she is now willing. At least Tane thinks so.

Flick has been covertly continuing to take her contraceptive pills, thereby subverting any possibility of becoming pregnant behind their love rendezvous.How long, though, can she maintain the act? And when it crumbles, what will happen?
Did you miss the events between Tane and Felicity last week? For a refresher, keep reading.
Felicity has stated for a very long time that she does not want children. However, this week’s realisation might salvage her marriage.
Tane (Ethan Browne) addressed his wife about not wanting children in a recent episode of Home and Away. He was reminded of what he’s been missing during a recent trip to see family in New Zealand, and he can’t seem to let it go.

Though Flick (Jacqui Purvis), who has been transparent about her anxieties, assured Tane that she would consider it, it’s possible that she won’t be prepared at all.
According to Ethan, TV WEEK, “their conversation doesn’t really go as well as expected.”
“Felicity is hesitant [to have children], and Tane is all for it.”
Flick learns how much Tane is struggling while spending the night out with friend Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and her brother Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).
He longs for children, and Flick’s reluctance is preventing him from experiencing full happiness. Tane shares his own suffering with Cash as he checks in. Can someone be genuinely happy without a family?
Tane suffers from a severe hangover the following morning as Flick mulls over his options. As a final attempt to keep her marriage intact, she turns to her spouse and finally gives him the news he has been waiting for: “I’m ready to start trying for a baby.” Tane finds it unbelievable.
According to Ethan, “Tane’s approval from Felicity to begin a family is everything he could have asked for.” He’s a little bit ecstatic.
However, a smug Tane ignores the hesitation plastered across his wife’s face. Has she made the correct choice or put herself in even more trouble?


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