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Home and Away spoilers: Flick makes a grand gesture to try to win back a hurt Tane

Felicity’s marriage may be irreparable, but she isn’t giving up. She tries one last time to get her husband back this week on Home and Away.
After working at Salt, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is happy to see Tane (Ethan Browne) carrying a suitcase when she gets home. She briefly believes he’s moving back in, but Tane quickly corrects her, saying he just stopped over to grab some clothes.

He also claims to have cancelled his land purchase in New Zealand and to have relocated to a nearby town while he decides what to do next.
Tane may return to New Zealand in the future, but for the time being, he needs time and distance, Ethan tells TV WEEK.
When Flick sees that Tane is staying with her, her heartbreak grows even more as she realises that her business partner Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is giving him keys!
Flick blows up at Mac, ignoring the frantic lunch rush at Salt. Will she also ruin a strong friendship?
The following morning, Flick swallows her pride and goes to see Mac to apologise and beg for a favour: to give Tane back her wedding band. It’s a last-ditch attempt, a sign of optimism, to keep her marriage intact.
What will Tane say?

Tane (Ethan Browne) begins to realise his wife’s lies after a turbulent week. Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), although telling Tane that she was ready for a child and vowing to try, has been taking contraceptive pills covertly.
When Salt’s co-owner Mackenzie (Emily Weir) discovered her in the act, she was exposed; however, Flick finds it difficult to tell Tane the truth. But he observes that she’s been acting suspiciously, so he questions Mac about it. Her evasive response prompts him to go out to discover the truth.
“Things just aren’t adding up for Tane, and Flick is acting oddly, especially with Mackenzie, which he notices,” Ethan told TV WEEK. “She doesn’t tell him anything really, except to talk to Felicity, which for him is a giveaway something is up.”
Tane asks to check the contents of Flick’s purse after seeing that she seems strangely connected to it at home. One by one, she takes out her personal belongings, saving her contraceptive pills until last.
Tane is devastated, but Flick begs for forgiveness and acts as though she hasn’t been taking them. His dreams of becoming a father and starting a family with Flick have come to an end.
He packs up and departs, feeling his anger rising because he can’t even forgive Flick for being in the same room.
Ethan remarks, “Tane can’t believe this has happened.” “He’s so heartbroken, he leaves.”
Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Flick’s brother, a police officer, shows up just as Tane is about to depart. When he tries to comfort his friend after witnessing Tane’s obvious rage, he gets hit in the face!
Later, Flick asks her brother for advice and assists in tending to his wounds. However, Cash isn’t being as understanding as she would like him to be; she needs to correct this.
Can Tane, though, ever forget such an agonising betrayal?


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