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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman fears split from Tane Parata after baby conversation

Felicity Newman of Home and Away is left wondering what will happen to her when Tane Parata appears on UK television next week.

After Tane suggests that they might establish a family together, Felicity worries that she might no longer be enough for him.

The audience is aware that Felicity has never concealed from Tane the fact that she does not consider having children in her future.

Tane begins to wonder in a new plot point whether Felicity could reconsider getting married, just as she did before.

Felicity is taken aback when Tane raises the matter because she had assumed the question had been answered long ago.

Felicity confides in her brother Cash, telling him that each time she tells a baby “no,” Tane gets disappointed and it’s hard to handle.

Eden Fowler, Felicity’s closest friend, intervenes immediately and tells Tane that he needs to be more patient with Felicity.


Eden says that although it’s premature for Felicity to be considering her long-term future in the wake of her attack, she might be prepared for the talk in the future.

Tane may have been given false hope by this interpretation of the circumstances, since Felicity subsequently clarifies that she will never want children and that the timing isn’t the issue.

Tane makes an attempt to persuade Felicity to reconsider, saying that her fear is the only reason she’s ruling everything out.

In response, Felicity says that she’s always been honest with Tane on the matter of children, but she’s now unsure if she’s enough for him.

Felicity replies that it’s still a “no” and that she might never alter her mind after Tane reassures her that he respects her decision. Is Tane able to accept this?


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