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Home and Away reveals death aftermath in 19 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK televisions in the week beginning Monday, March 7.

Monday, March 7:

Ari is concerned about Mia’s safety. Something has gone horribly wrong, he knows.

Mia is currently stationed at the police station. Cash spotted her speeding away with Matthew’s body in the backseat. After her daughter Chloe attacked Matthew with a brick, Mia took steps to defend them both.

Cash tries to interrogate Mia. She isn’t saying much, though.

The interview is cut short. Ari finally makes it to the police station.

Ari requests a favour. He begs Cash to let him see Mia for a few minutes.

Ari and Mia have some alone time. Ari is taken aback by what he has learned.


Mia explains everything. Ari is adamant that Mia and Chloe will not participate in this.

Ari makes a significant sacrifice. He confesses to Cash that he was the one who killed Matthew. Mia is taken aback and attempts to object, but Ari has already made up his decision.

Tuesday, March 8:

Ryder was taken to the hospital. Just in time, Roo and Justin discovered him in the buried casket.

Theo has also been admitted to the hospital. He’s concerned about Ryder’s safety.

There is a backlash against Theo. He’s being held responsible for the incident.

Alf is enraged at the scenario. Justin makes an attempt to de-escalate the situation.

Wednesday, March 9:

Logan gives an update on Ryder’s situation. Ryder’s future appears to be in jeopardy.

Tensions are still running high. Alf is still looking for someone to point the finger at.

Justin has a brilliant idea. He looks for the video on the internet.

Justin plays the web video for Alf and Roo. It demonstrates that Ryder was willingly buried as part of a joke. Will this be enough to convince Alf to reconsider his stance on Theo?

Thursday, March 10:

In the Bay, a mysterious woman appears. Logan has been contacted by Neve Spicer, who wishes to meet with her.

Logan arrives on time for his date with Neve. He sneaks around behind Mac’s back.

The identity of Neve is revealed. She’s Logan’s ex-girlfriend, whom he met while they were both serving in the army. Logan has spent the last two years convinced that Neve has absconded from the army.


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