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Who is leaving Home and Away in 2023? All comings and goings explored

The beloved Australian soap series Home and Away is well-known for its dynamic plot. In 2023, as it approaches its 35th year of broadcasting, fans will be bidding farewell to a number of cherished characters. Fans are left wondering about what lies next for the performers who have said goodbye to the soap opera or who will be leaving the warm sands of Summer Bay after reading this in-depth look at them.

Here, we give an overview of the parts that these performers have played and highlight their recent contributions to the venerable programme, which is also sometimes shortened to HAA. So continue reading to learn more about the performers you love that left Home and Away in 2023.

Which roles did actors who departed from Home and Away in 2023 play?
Patrick O’Connor as Dean and Sophie Dillman as Ziggy

On HAA, Patrick O’Connor and Sophie Dillman’s portrayals of Dean and Ziggy have garnered a lot of affection. For these beloved characters, an era came to an end in 2023 when they were spotted getting ready to leave Summer Bay with their newborn child, capping off their endearing journey. Furthermore, these two are actually married to one another in real life!

Joshua Hewson, aka Andrew

The actor who portrayed Andrew, Joshua Hewson, announced his exit from the programme in 2023. He acknowledged that his time on Home and Away was a pivotal character journey and thanked the show for giving him the priceless acting skills he needed.

Tegan (Sophia Forrest) and Mercedes (Amali Golden)


The roles of Mercedes and Tegan have been brought to life by Amali Golden and Sophia Forrest, which has enhanced the nuanced and intricate relationships in Home and Away. Their personas have a lasting impression on the audience even as they make ready to leave Summer Bay together in 2023.

Miller, Gabe (Akos Armont)

The portrayal of Gabe Miller by Akos Armont gave Home and Away more nuance and feeling. Sadly, the character’s cancer struggle marked a sea change in the storyline of HAA. But during his tenure on the programme, a significant and poignant plotline revolved around Gabe’s brief but profound presence.

Margot Dafoe, played by Manny McElhinney

The character of Margot Dafoe, played by Mandy McElhinney, brought a compelling plot to Home and Away. Before her final arrest and departure from the show in 2023, Margot’s dramatic arc—which included her kidnapping Andrew—was a very popular feature.

Final reflections

Audiences are still enthralled by Home and Away because of its intriguing plots and characters. We can’t help but wonder what new stories lie ahead as we wish these actors and their legendary roles farewell in 2023. There’s always room for more surprises because of the show’s practise of bringing characters back. Sophie Dillman, who played Ziggy in the show, was a former cast member and told TV Week the following:

“It was time to begin a new chapter because we had both exhausted all possibilities with our characters. Though it’s emotional and bittersweet, we acknowledge how fortunate we are to have had such a remarkable career.”
The legacy of HAA will live on, whether these characters depart from the show permanently or make a comeback. But for fans, every parting becomes a meaningful occasion. Watching this epic Australian soap drama as the sun sets on Summer Bay keeps us sussed and on the edge of our seats, wondering what will happen next.


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