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Home and Away Spoilers – Cash realised he made a terrible mistake

Cash believes he made the wrong mistake moving in with Jasmine after an unsettling overnight meeting with Irene, which airs next week on Home and Away in the UK. John has some insightful words for Roo somewhere….

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and girlfriend Jasmine (Sam Frost) finally moved into the beach house last week after what seemed like an eternity of will-they-won’t-they, but he soon comes to regret his decision.

When Jasmine mentioned how happy she and Cash were after expressing their love for one another, house owner Irene (Lynne McGranger) presented the notion to her.

But Jasmine was taken aback when she eagerly proposed to Cash, and he swiftly declined!

Cash is currently residing in a van in the caravan park, right next door his younger sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), and it was clear early on that he was concerned about leaving her alone. Flick had only recently gotten back on track after being kidnapped by her ostensible closest friend Anne (Megan Smart), followed by Cash pushing her to embrace the truth about their father’s death.

Despite the fact that Flick is now dating Tane (Ethan Browne), Cash felt he couldn’t abandon his sister, fearing she wouldn’t call out to him if he was in need.

Flick was furious when she learned of this. She chastised Cash for using her as an excuse, but it was soon forgotten as Jasmine and Cash continued to quarrel until she rescinded her invitation entirely. Later, the two reconciled and agreed to put moving in together on hold… at least that was the plan.


Cash eventually decided that he should prove his feelings for Jasmine by moving in with her after another earbashing from Flick, and went to Irene to ask her permission to move his possessions into the house.

Irene said no, and that instead of shocking Jasmine, he should run it by her first.

Cash disclosed his request to Jasmine over champagne at Salt, where he gave her his toothbrush to replace her own, and the two returned to the beach house that evening, where Irene teased Cash by promising to explain the regulations the next morning.

The three housemates are supposed to eat supper together next week, but Cash can’t seem to make up his mind. Rather than sit and join them, he insists on going to buy beverages for all of them. Jasmine follows Cash after noticing that he’s acting strange, and Cash says that he doesn’t know what to say to Irene—apart from handing her his coffee order, he’s never really spoken to her!

Jasmine reminds him that it is now his home as well, and that he should relax.

But things get even worse later that evening when Cash goes into the kitchen in his underwear to get a glass of water for Jasmine, only for Irene to follow suit.

Irene seems unconcerned, having shared her home with other lodgers over the years, but Cash is horrified.

While slinking back into the bedroom, he makes some awkward small conversation, and Jasmine wonders why he’s turned as white as a sheet!

The next day, Jasmine and Irene laugh about it, but Cash is clearly not over it yet, hardly able to look Irene in the eyes as he walks into the diner. Rather than waiting for Jasmine, he quickly disappears.

Jasmine confronts Cash at the police station after noticing that he appears to be upset about what happened, and she wonders whether he’s already regretting his decision.

Cash asks Flick if she’ll consider telling Jasmine that she needs him to return to the caravan park as Jasmine complains to Irene that she knew it was too good to be true!

Is Jasmine and Cash’s relationship doomed before it even begins?


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