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Home and Away Spoilers – Can Cash save Eden from her captors?

The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Cash starts a desperate search to find his love as Eden tries to persuade her captors to let her and Remi free.

A significant search is under way for Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who vanished while camping in Crystal Gorge with her lover Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), as the 37th season of Home and Away premieres in the UK.

The strange circumstances that caused Eden to vanish in the middle of the night were beyond Cash’s comprehension. It all began when Eden called Remi (Adam Rowland), who was having trouble in the big outdoors, to beg him to come help her.

Sadly, Cash overheard everything and became irate because Eden was unable to tell him straight out how much she hated the encounter.

Ultimately, they came to an agreement to spend one more night in the tent before checking into a posh hotel.

But Remi ignored Eden’s cancellation message, and on the way to the campsite, brothers Wes (Josh McConville) and Mickey (Travis Jefferies) unintentionally knocked him off his bike.

Wes gave Remi a cursory examination and declared him dead. He then gave Mickey the order to assist him in loading Remi into the car’s boot, with the intention of killing him to hide the accident.


However, Eden simply happened to come across the two while they were digging a grave in the middle of the night while responding to a call from nature. Wes knocked her unconscious quickly and packed her and Remi into the boot.

Next week, when we go back to Crystal Gorge, Cash is terrified when he wakes up and discovers Eden has left. While he waits for the SES, he tries and fails to contact Remi, whose phone was destroyed by Wes.

SES commander Sabrina (Harriet Gordon-Anderson) presents herself and questions Cash about Eden’s disappearance’s circumstances as the cavalry comes.

Although Eden wouldn’t have left without alerting Cash about their earlier dispute, Cash feels compelled to inform her of it.

As Wes and Mickey struggle to figure out what to do next, a scared Eden’s hands are still restrained by wire ties in a distant cabin.

Mickey is upset with Wes for the situation he’s put them in; if he had simply left Remi on the side of the road, none of this would have occurred.

Wes gives Mickey the command, “First, we get rid of the dead guy, then we deal with this one,” while Eden cowers in horror.

Remi, however, stirs and grunts as the two brothers try to get him out of their car—he’s alive!

When Eden learns her closest friend is still alive and rushes up to him, she is relieved. Wes and Mickey bring Remi inside and throw him on the couch.

To Wes’s dismay, Mickey grants Eden’s request for a blanket when he notices that he’s in a rough place.

When Cash returns to the gorge, he finds recently dug holes next to fresh tyre tracks. Sabrina ignores them, claiming they are just fire pits. The most plausible answer, in her opinion, is that Eden fell somewhere.

Afterwards, Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) show up to assist Cash and take part in the hunt. After the search party has looked over the area again, Sabrina asks Cash whether he is certain Eden wouldn’t have simply taken off.

Flick snaps back, saying that Eden would never do such because she adores Cash!

After Wes moves aside, Eden persuades Mickey to release her hands so she can attempt to assist Remi. She says he must see a hospital, but Mickey is aware that Wes wouldn’t consent.

Eden tries her hardest to persuade Mickey of his better character, realising that he is merely behaving out of fear due to his bullying sibling.

When Eden tells Mickey that she realises it was an accident, Mickey is about to cry. When Wes comes back, Mickey confronts him and tells him they’re letting Remi and Eden go.

Wes chooses to get rid of Remi on his own because he has had enough. Eden and Mickey point out that if they were to release Remi, he wouldn’t be able to recognise them because he is barely conscious and hasn’t even seen their faces.

Reluctantly, Wes lets Mickey take Remi to get help, and when Eden bids her farewell with tears in her eyes, she slips her bracelet into Remi’s pocket.

Before making his getaway, Mickey dumps Remi back on the side of the road, apologises, and calls for help.

When Rose (Kirsty Marillier) calls Cash to report that Remi has been discovered on the side of the road and is being transported to Northern Districts Hospital—quite the catchment area for the Yabbie Creek ambos—Cash is taken aback.

Cash is certain that there must be some connection, so Flick tells him to leave while she stays and keeps assisting in the hunt for Eden.

Bree stops in fear for a moment as Remi is carried into the emergency department back in Yabbie Creek. Can she maintain her resolve and save the man she loves?

Eden asks Wes what will happen next since she doesn’t sure what will happen to her. He quickly makes the point that even though Remi kept them safe, Eden has seen their faces and might provide the police with their identities.

Wes seems unconcerned when Eden alerts him to the fact that her partner works as a police officer.

“So?” he responds. “He’s not in here, is he? and it will be too late by the time he locates you.

Is Eden’s time over?


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