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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman faces emotional new scenes with Cash

Next week, Felicity Newman of Home and Away in the UK will have to make a tough choice after learning shocking information about her assailant.

Felicity is taken aback upon discovering that Jeremy Holding has extended an invitation to meet with her as part of a Restorative Justice scheme, which provides victims of crime with a chance to confront their offenders and demand accountability.

While her spouse Tane Parata is away in New Zealand visiting family, Felicity turns to other people for guidance.

Eden Fowler, Felicity’s closest friend, says it’s a poor idea, but Cash, her brother, acknowledges that he has seen restorative justice work to help people find closure.

Cash then sets up a meeting between Felicity and Harper Matheson, a recent Summer Bay resident who may offer more perspective gleaned from her work as a social worker.

Harper acknowledges that she has observed restorative justice cases benefit crime victims, but she also says that it’s not always the right course of action.

In addition, Mackenzie Booth weighs in on the matter, saying that if she were in Felicity’s position, she would proceed with the meeting.

Later on in the week, Felicity asks Cash about the whole tape that Jeremy was threatening to use against her in order to see if there is another option.

Felicity proposes that instead of meeting with Jeremy, she may watch the film to receive the answers she needs.

Having watched the video of Jeremy’s earlier victims being assaulted, Cash first suggests not watching the one featuring her. Reluctantly, Cash goes to the police station to make the arrangements after Felicity insists on it.

After having some alone time to watch the video, Felicity abruptly decides she can’t continue.

Felicity recognises after a talk with Cash that restorative justice might just be her best chance to find closure. Is she going to consent to seeing me?


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