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Home and Away spoilers: Bree confronts Mercedes, Kirby bombshell and blackmail twist

Bree Bree from Home and Away goes to confront Mercedes about their kiss.

Bree reminds Mercedes that she is the one Remi is in love with as she asserts that Remi would one day wake up and discover that they share nothing in common.

Eden interrupts Remi as she is mixing an album when she reveals that Bree is confronting Mercedes despite having told Remi that she is at work.

He hurries to be by her side, proving Mercedes incorrect at once.

Eden tries unsuccessfully to get Mercedes to return and complete the recording after she flees.

Instead, Bree asks Mercedes to go back on the group’s behalf.

Mercedes shows up on Bree’s doorstep with a transformed attitude and agrees that the record requires her special touch, despite Bree’s belief that she has failed.

Theo and Eden later run with band manager Justin and decide they must promote their new album.

When Justin sits down with Kirby, he is happy with the work she has accomplished but shows worry about the way she has treated Theo.

Justin thinks Kirby is punishing Theo by making him the focus of attention; however, Theo adamantly disagrees and considers it offensive.

Justin is cautioned by Leah to be cautious of a grieving Kirby, but his persistent efforts only seem to make matters worse.

Later, when Leah hints that there is more to life than bands and males, she accidentally infuriates Kirby even more.

When Kirby leaves Leah and declares she will leave her position at the Diner, things take a turn.

Kirby expresses her annoyance to Theo and Justin and makes it plain that they will only interact on a professional level moving forwards.

After that, Kirby confides in Kirby about her problematic surfing past and the run-in with fate that resulted in a lifelong incapacity to surf.

Kirby enters the waves while Mackenzie cheers from the sidelines after giving him some advice.

As Theo catches the conclusion of her ride, he is shocked and wonders why she would have kept such a significant secret from him.

Felicity, who lives across the bay, is shocked when she learns that her attacker wants $10,000.

Tane is dubious as Felicity makes arrangements to find the money.

Tane and Felicity are invited to the station by Cash, who is following up on a tip regarding Felicity’s attacker.

Felicity discovers she still doesn’t remember the alleged attack after being shown a photo of the suspect.

Felicity returns her focus to putting the cash together once Cash explains that this suspect wasn’t the right one.

The cash in Salt’s open till sends Felicity’s thoughts running as she searches their individual workplaces for some inventive accounting chances.

Tane believes the time has come to contact the police, but Felicity is uninterested.

Later, they concede not to call the police, but they also refuse to make good on their debt.

But Felicity is preparing to take out a loan behind Tane’s back.

When Eden shows Felicity the album’s mix, she goes to Cash and pretends to be supporting the release of a Lyrik record while actually asking him for money to pay her blackmailer.

Felicity claims she has been careless with her own money and now wants $10,000 to conceal herself after being exposed as lying.

Cash lends the money in a helpful manner, but he expresses to Eden his doubts that this is again another falsehood.


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