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Home and Away star to join Married at First Sight Australia

Home and Away actor Maddy Jevic, who starred as Amber Simmons on the show, is reportedly set to join this year’s Married at First Sight Australia.

Maddy Jevic starred as recurring guest character Amber from July 2020 until mid-2021.

She came after asking to work as a nurse for John (Shane Withington), and Marilyn (Emily Symons) gladly extended an offer to her after seeing how well her no-nonsense demeanor matched John’s.

However, it soon transpired that she was Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) ex-girlfriend from his days living in Mangrove River, and she was hiding a big secret – she’d fallen pregnant some five years prior, and Dean was the father!

She also harbored resentment against Colby, Dean’s closest buddy (Tim Franklin), and pounced on the chance to punch him in the face.

Later on, we discovered that she was the sister of Jai, an old buddy of Dean and Colby’s who died in an automobile accident in which they were all involved when they were River Boys.

I love my character, she’s fun to play,” Maddy told at the time. “Everyone on the show was so welcoming and warm.

Dean eventually met his son, named Jai (River Jarvis) after Amber’s brother, and fell head over heels for him.

After a rough period in the bay, Amber and Dean rekindled their old romantic spark, which caused Dean and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) to part ways. Ziggy eventually found Tane (Ethan Browne).

But while Dean only wanted a family unit for his son, Amber wanted sparks and fireworks. It didn’t take long for them to realize they weren’t meant to be together.

Dean gave Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) the reassurance that, while they got along great, he genuinely liked Amber. But that’s about it. After Dean told Amber he still loved Ziggy, Amber left Summer Bay with Jai, but not before telling Dean she didn’t plan to keep him from seeing his kid.

“You will always be his dad, okay,” she reassured him. “We’ll work something out, I promise.”

Dean retained a relationship with Jai after Amber’s departure, and it was Amber’s later move to Queensland that saw Dean and Ziggy depart Summer Bay themselves last year.

When Amber called Dean, she informed him that she had already found a place to live and that she and Jai would shortly be moving to Queensland, which meant that Dean would find himself abruptly separated from his kid by thousands of miles.

Following Ziggy’s suggestion, they decided to accompany Amber up to the northeastern state, and in March 2023 they moved out of Home and Away.

Maddy Jevic has already been confirmed as the star of Married at First Sight Australia’s eleventh season, which premieres on Nine later this month. Additionally, the show will debut on Monday, March 6 at 7:30 p.m. on E4 in the UK.

On their wedding day, couples on the show first meet and are married in front of their friends and family, often with disastrous consequences.

As to Nine, “MAFS Season 11 will feature a new perspective on the show with one of the most varied groups of brides and grooms, a more age-diverse mix that includes our oldest participant ever, and a same-sex couple.”

Maddy and her soon-to-be spouse are rumored to make their appearance on the show some weeks after the first round of couples are revealed, as “intruder” couples.

The couple’s opulent Sydney apartment building, Skye Suites, is where Jevic is filming. Fans initially learned of the news when they spotted Jevic there.

According to, Maddy’s MAFS co-stars initially believed that she was a mole hired to cause drama, after she claimed to be a psychic medium rather than admit to her career as an actress.

The Daily Mail Australia reports that she’s been coupled up with Ash Galati, a pest control worker from Melbourne who is reportedly adorned in tattoos and has a love of Thai boxing.

The publication also posted photos showing Maddy stepping into a car on the filming of her ‘wedding day’ scenes, holding a bouquet of flowers, confirming her participation on the popular dating show.

As well as Home and Away, Maddy has starred as Nurse Lee Radcliffe in Wentworth, Brianna Wheeler in Upper Middle Bogan, and as Mrs Parides in mockumentary children’s series The InBESTigators.

She was also a contestant on the 2023 season of Millionaire Hot Seat, but went away with nothing

Married at First Sight Australia begins on Nine and NineNow on Monday 29th January, and is expected to air on E4 in the UK from Monday 6th March.

Home and Away returned to Australian screens on Monday 8th January on 7 and 7Plus.


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